by ally sin 12-2004

Throughout our life we have dreams. Once in a while we have a vivid dream, a dream we remember with so much clarity, so much residual feelings and emotions. I base this story on just such a dream.

May you read this and find some pleasure in its words.

Marcia tiptoed down the dark hallway looking side to side making sure she was unnoticed. Staying quiet and out of trouble was the best way to survive in a mansion full of slaves. Or at least that was what Marcia thought. She did her work mostly unobserved. But it gave her satisfaction, something like silent service she supposed without much of a thank-you. She didn’t want appreciation, she wanted invisability and being left alone. Lately though Marcia felt there was something missing, something big in her life that was going to happen soon. Looking behind her as she walked hugging the hallway wall she wished she knew what was in her future, cursing her inability to solve her questions.

Marcia didn’t know why she was headed toward the room down the hall. She felt a draw to it, a need to be in there. The room was occupied by Richard, a frequent visitor to the house and a close friend of the Master. He was of average height with a moustache, lean of stature. Marcia felt there was something she needed to find in His room. The pull was so strong she never questioned it or denied it, just crept down the hall staying as much in the shadows as possible. Richard was very personable, Marcia had often waited on Him unnoticed. There was something about Him. Shrugging her shoulders she stopped in front of His door and took a deep breath.

Doors are never locked in the house. It would be unforgivable to take something not your own. Turning the door knob Marcia slowly cracked the door open hoping no one was in the room. The lights were out and the room had a empty silence. Slipping inside she closed the door quietly with both hands. Leaning back she took a deep breath wondering again why she was there. The room was small ; a sitting room, bathroom, and of course the bedroom. Walking slowly through the rooms she tried to find what her instinct was leading her to. There was nothing she thought could be the object her instinct was searching for. Everything was neat and orderly; clothes put away, nothing out of place. Marcia didn’t dare touch anything.

Marcia jumped at the sound of the door knob turning. Her eyes darted around the room looking for a hiding place. She didn’t dare be found in His room without permission or reason. Running into the bedroom as far away from the door as possible Marcia spied the closet, the only place she could hide. Hearing footsteps in the other room she opened the closet door with shaking hands, her heart pounding away. How on earth did she think she could roam in His room without being caught? Slipping into the large closet, she wove her way as far back as she could moving the hanging clothes and the shoes on the floor to hide her presence.

Holding her breath Marcia listened to the person in the suite. Sounds of water running in the bathroom, shoes being tossed on the floor near the door to her hideout. Marcia wondered how He didn’t hear her heart hammering inside her chest. Light pierced into the closet when Richard grabbed fresh clothes for the evening. She knew now it was Him from His scent. A huge sigh of relief escaped as the closet door closed. Is He ever leaving she thought?

The sound of water running signaled to her Richard was in the shower. She waited to make sure He was in the shower and not in the room. After hearing nothing in the room Marcia opened the closet door and started to creep out. Now was the time to escape unnoticed, if she waited any longer He would be out of the shower. She had no desire to be found in the room of a naked and wet Master. One foot out of the closet with no sounds except the water and the miniscule sounds of her moving. Her heart lept in joy at the thought of getting out. As she emerged from the closet a hand clamped on her shoulder from behind the closet door. Her heart sank as she blanched hearing “And where do you think you’re going?”.

Marcia fell to the floor in shock and mutely looked up at Him not knowing what to say or how to get out of this. “Nothing Sir, I touched nothing. I was making sure Your room was prepared for You. I’ll go now” she said looking pointedly at the door wishing it was a lot closer and the hand holding her looser to allow an escape. “For some reason I don’t believe you.” He said as he dragged her over to the chair. Pushing Marcia into the chair Richard looked her over for the first time. He liked what He saw and more importantly He liked the intelligence in her eyes and the way she hadn’t fought Him. In a rash moment He set the course for her future and His.

Picking up the phone he dialed a few numbers and stood waiting watching Marcia the entire time least she think to take that moment to make a dash for the door. Marcia sat in the chair wringing her sweaty hands together her eyes darting between the door and the Master blocking her way to that door. She could only hope that when whoever He had called answered the phone she would get her chance. “Hi, this is Richard. Remember the offer you made? I think I’ll take you up on it.” He said , His attention more on the phone than the girl. Seeing her last chance before her Marcia started to scoot off the chair. Abruptly her flight was cancelled when His hand once again fell on her shoulder pushing her firmly into the chair again.

Knowing there was no getting out of this Marcia started to pay attention to what He was saying. ” No, I found one here.” Oh boy was she in trouble now. “No I don’t know her name but she will do.” So much for her being invisible. ” Hold on, let me find out.” Holding the phone away from Him, He turned again to the nice imp He had captured. “What’s your name girl?” For a second Marcia thought to give a fake name but the eyes staring at her, mesmerizing her mind, commanded her soul. “Marcia, Sir” she said. Nodding with a grin Richard straightened and started talking again on the phone, His hand firm on her shoulder. “Name’s Marcia. No, I haven’t seen her around before.” Marcia groaned. ” Well if you don’t recall her then there’s no problem with me taking her, right?” Marcia’s head snapped up in surprise. “Good, then it’s a deal. I’ll see you for dinner.” He looked down at Marcia’s wide eyes, a picture of fear and innocence. “Maybe” He said chuckling placing the phone back on the receiver.

Richard turned His attention to the scared girl, amused at her attempts to meld into the chair. Here He thought this would be an uneventful visit. He might as well start training her now since it seemed He had just gained a slave.

Releasing her shoulder He stepped back and looked sternly down at her, staring her down. Within seconds she had lowered her gaze just after He saw a glint of rebellion in her eyes making Richard smile. This one should be fun. “Stay there while I take a shower.” He said as He walked past her toward the bathroom. Marcia jumped as the door slammed closed behind her. Turning her head slightly she saw nothing. Timidly she turned more to look at the rest of the room behind her. She was alone again.

Standing slowly she nervously looked around, still no one in sight. Tiptoeing across the room toward the door fully expecting Him to jump out of nowhere. Gaining more confidence of a safe escape the closer she got to the door, she slipped through the opening and silently walked across the sitting room. Her hand grabbed the doorknob to the outside as a lifeline. Glancing behind her she turned the knob and slipped out. She couldn’t stay there, she couldn’t be near Him any more. There was something about Him that she feared, a power she couldn’t avoid or control. The only way to deal with it was getting as far away as she could and become invisable again. Quietly she closed the door and started down the hallway feeling her way long the wall with one hand while keeping her eyes glued on the door she had just closed her in case Richard had discovered her absence.

Marcia bumped into a wall with sudden force; her hand automatically flew up to steady herself and found not a wall but warm flesh. With a sinking heart she looked up into the eyes she thought were safely in the bathroom taking a hot shower. “And where do you think you are going?” He asked standing with His arms crossed, a smug smile on His face. “I claimed you, you are Mine.” Grasping her wrist He stalked the short distance back down the hallway to His room stopping at the bedroom closet to pull out some chain and cuffs. With a dexterity born of years of experience He swiftly had the leather cuffs on her and the chain linked through the rings. Without looking at her He ran the other end of the chain through a ring at the base of the bed, securing it with a second lock. Palming the key He returned to the twice interrupted shower sure in the knowledge His new slave would be there when He finished.

(Here ends the recitation of my dream and starts the telling of a story. Maybe if that damned alarm hadn’t gone off at the ungodly hour of 4:30am this is how my dream could have ended)
Marcia tugged at the chains despite knowing the chains would be secure and she would never get loose. What am I to do she thought. She was both afraid of Him and what her future will be. Too soon Richard emerged from the shower, hair dripping and a towel wrapped around a trim waist. The sight of His nearly naked body sent delicious tingles through her body. Gasping she closed her eyes and tried to be as invisable as she could. Which considering she was tied to the bed in chains was not easy.

Richard let the towel drop and dressed for dinner, not being obtuse to the reaction His body had on Marcia. A very promising start to say the least. Getting ready for dinner took little time now that He didn’t have to deal with a loose slave. Heading for the door He looked over His shoulder at Marcia huddled on the floor at the foot of the bed. For a few seconds He thought of explaining what was going on but she might as well get used to life as His property and closed the door behind Him without a word.

Dinner provided no more answers to who Marcia was than the phone call did. Seems His Host had many house servents and Marcia had worked deligently with little to no notice. The only facts He could get were she definately had belonged to the house and now she definately belonged to Him. Picking up a small plate of food for her along with a bottle of water Richard returned to His room, deep in thought of how to proceed from here. Marcia was still chained to the foot of His bed. The marks on her wrists revealed her struggles to get away while He was gone. He could forgive that given the fact she was still there despite her struggles, something that would become very common in the coming weeks.

Placing her food on the floor next to her He said, “Eat quickly”. He then went to the desk and looked trhough some papers, making notes on the pages. Marcia looked at His back and then at the food wondering if she should eat or not. Her stomach grumbled loudly deciding the matter. Marcia picked up the plate, her chains clanking with every move. Timidly she ate while watching His back but for now He was ignoring her. The food was delicious and better than the typical leftovers she had snagged in the kitchen before. Before long she was licking her fingers, the plate empty beside her. Starting when Richard pushed His chair back, Marcia tried to become even smaller to stay out of His way. That was not what He was looking for though. Reaching down to her He was surprised when she started to tremble and averted her face. Gently He unlocked the chain and released her. “Use the bathroom if you need to” He contemplated His slave as she closed the door. She hadn’t even asked if she should close the door. He chuckled at her perceived victory.

Marcia came out of the bathroom and looked longingly at the door then back at Richard. With a soft sigh she went back to the foot of the bed and sat on the floor again. The minutes passed in a slow progression until close to an hour had passed. Marcia fidgeted more and more. Being unused to inactivity made the just sitting there all the more difficult. The quiet of the room was broken only by the occasional shuffling of papers. Richard standing focused Marcia’s attention from her shoelace to Him. Eying Him warily as He approached she inched back on the floor until the bed stopped her retreat. Her wild imagination had Him doing all sorts of things ; grabbing her and ripping her clothes off, throwing her on the bed and ravaging her. A tingling rush between her legs surprised her, she didn’t know Him hardly at all.

Richard walked over to His slave well aware her imagination was conjuring up all sorts of scenarios. Subs read way too many stories He thought. Bending down He replaced the restraints and chains. Without a word He walked over to the light switch and the room was encased in darkness. Walking silently over to the bed He threw a pillow and blanket toward the end of the bed. “Go to sleep” He laid down on the creaking bed. Shortly she heard the deep breathing of a slumber coming from the bed. Marcia couldn’t sleep at all. She didn’t understand why He left her alone, why she was His, or what was going to happen to her. He had been nice and didn’t lay a hand on her. Tossing and turning for a long time she eventually fell into an exhausted sleep, the hard floor sure to give her stiff joints in the morning.

Chapter 2


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