Welcome Home


by ally sin


Welcome Home

She stood near the door wearing the clothes her Master had ordered her wear when He called earlier that day. She had on the special red bra with the centers cut out, her nipples bared. A short leather skirt with no panties and barefoot. He was later than she expected as she adjusted her collar and wrist bands, the small locks flipping back and forth. Her Master was the only one with a key to free her from them. The symbols of her slavery to Him lent her comfort and peace.
She hears the door and immediately positions herself as He wishes, her hand quickly smoothing the skirt feeling for any imperfections. Her legs are slightly wider than her shoulders, her hands flat against the small of her back ,only the finger tips touching of her open palms. Her shoulders are pushed back and her spine is arched to display her breasts to Him. She lowers her head and her gaze rests at a spot two feet from her toes. She has practiced this postition many times to perfect it and please her Master.

The door opens and His footsteps enter the house. She hears Him walk towards her smelling His scent, feeling His presence, His warmth. A glow settles low in her stomach as it always does when He is near, her heart beats faster waiting. She longs to reach out and touch Him but remains still. Her submission to Him is complete and overrides everything else.

She sees the tips of His shoes come into her view. “Hello Master” she says.She feels His eyes looking at her from top to bottom to determine if she had followed His commands to the letter. He knew she would. His hand lightly touches the top of her head and then travels down the side of her face to cup her chin. He lifts her face to His view and smiles at her, “Hello doll”. She looks into His eyes, her love for Him easy to read in her face, shining in her eyes. In His eyes she sees her home. The energy moves between them, her submission flowing to Him as if a physical entity. His smile deepens knowing what she is feeling, how she is reacting to His presence, and basking in that knowledge. She is His treasured slave.

He kisses her forehead and moves behind her. Quickly snapping a short chain to the D-rings on her cuffs He secures her arms. As He returns to stand in front of herr His hands run along the swell of her breast. Her nipples react immediately standing up straight and hard. He likes the look of her breats encased in the bra, the nipples escaping through their holes for His pleasure.He thumbs the nipples back and forth, rolling them around. A fire is started low in her stomach, between her legs as He stimulates her. The warmth spreads to all parts of her body making her face flush. He knows. From His pocket He removes a set of nipple clamps allowing her to see them. Her eyes widen knowing from the look of them they are strong and severe, much more than she was used to or had ever used.

Without a word He snaps them watching her face for the reaction He knows will appear, feeling her emotions sweep over her. He places one clamp over her left nipple enjoying the hiss of her indrawn breath as she feels the pain. Her chest stops moving momentarily and she closes her eyes trying to adjust to the pain. It abates slightly, needle like pain still shooting through her from the nipple occassionally. She starts to breath again. He clamps the other nipple waiting for her to adjust. She hisses another indrawn breath, her stomach tightening against the pain, taking shallow breaths to help accept the pain from the clamps. He takes a clamp in each hand and jiggles them to verify they are on tight. Her body stiffens for a second before she regains control. Control that He plans to test time and again that evening. He knows without checking that she is becoming wet and excited.

He stands back to admire His toy. Her breasts in the lacy bra rising and falling slowly. The nipples exposed throught he holes turning from pink to red from the clamps on them. Her arms secured behind her making her helpless. His heart swells in pride and love.

“Follow Me slave” He says as He turns to walk down the hall to the play room. She lowers her gaze and falls in behind Him. Each footstep creating motion in her chest and moving the clamps. The pain shooting through her with each step is excusite. She smiles happily hoping to continue to please her Master. Her flesh alive and tingling in anticipation for the evening.

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