The Ritual


The Ritual

i walked to the front door of the address i had been given. my entire body was a bundle of nerves. i would be meeting the man i had dreams about, the One i hoped would become my Master. Many times i wondered if i was out of my mind for even considering doing this. i was about to give myself heart, body, mind, and soul to another person, He would be in control of my body, my life, of me.

i knocked on the front door and waited nervously. The door opened slightly.i pushed the heavy door open a bit more and leaned forward asking in a soft voice “Sir?”. “Come in” He said in His deep voice. It was the same voice i had come to love in the last few months over the phone. The voice that had guided and urged me to look into myself, that helped me at the ground discover who and what i am, the voice that challenged and coaxed me to new levels of thinking and control. The voice i had come to desire above all else and heard in my head both day and night. i opened the door and walked into the dimly lit hallway. Unsure of myself i stopped just inside the door and closed it behind me, the noise seeming to be overly loud.

i couldn’t see much of anything in the sparcely furnished room save shadows and silouettes of some chairs, maybe a table, and other objects i couldn’t identify. i felt Him in the room with me but i wasn’t sure exactly where. It seemed He was all around me. “Are you ready to accept me as your Lord and Master, your Owner?” He asked, His voice comeing from everywhere yet nowhere in particular. i swallowed nervously knowing this was my last chance to back out with no repercussions. After my answer there was no turning back, my life would be changed forever. i would no longer be myself, i would be His, property. Could i go through with it? Would i disappoint Him? Without hesitation i answered “yes Sir.” Peace seemed to settle inside me as i put that major life hurdle behind me.

A blinding light came on , shining straight in my eyes.i rasied a hand to sheild my eyes but that helped very little. Just as i adjusted to some small degree to this light i heard another click and a second light came on doubling the intensity of the beams. Now i was fully illuminated yet i could see nothing. This was very a unsettling situation. “you have thirty seconds to get naked”‘

i had planned to do some enticing strip tease for my new Master, to draw Him with glimpses of my body as i did a dance of seduction. This was more or less trashed with those words. The small amount of influence i had hoped to gain was taken away. i quickly removed my shirt and dropped it to the floor next to me. This was followed by the skirt and shoes.Since i was wearing no underwear i was now naked and not sure what to do with my hands or where to look. i felt vulnerable and exposed. i looked down at the dark wooden floor and waited.

“Hands behind your neck and make a slow turn. I want to see what I own.” Master S said. i raised both my arms and did a slow circle, my head lowered gazing at the ground. ” Head up, i want to see your eyes, I want to see what you are thinking.” i raised my head and looked toward the light blinking at the bright glare. i was embarressed being so illuminated as i made a circle completely naked. i was sure my entire body was beat red and glowing.

i returned to facing the light not knowing exactly where Master S was. “Close your eyes and keep them closed” i gratefully closed my eyes and remained standing with my hands clasped behind my neck. Heavy footsteps approached me, sounding hollow on the wooden floor. i could feel Him near me. i wanted so bad to touch Him, to have Him envelope me in His arms. i kept my place and position. His hands touched my breast, weighing them and then pinching the nipples hard. ” Nice and large, very tender I see.” He said chuckling evilly at the end. He continued to pull on one nipple , bringing it to attention. Suddenly He placed a clamp on the nipple, holding it while encouraging me to breath through the pain. It hurt so badly, all that exsisted was the pain and His voice. Somehow i was able to take a breath and then another. All the while His voice was there holding me and guiding me. The process was repeated with my other nipple and i was able to start breathing a little sooner the pain settling inside me into a tolerable level. Master S continued to walk around me, running His hands along my arms, down my back, over my butt, and coming around my other side. S tugged on the clamps gently and then His hand went lower. ” Widen your legs” S said as He kicked my feet apart. i quickly complied. His hand slide over my clean pussy. Effeciently He brought my clit to life while i supressed a soft moan. i could feel Him smile at me and i blushed. As fast as He excited my clit He left it and shoved a finger inside me. i inhaled deeply struggling to stay still. S removed His fingers in less than a minute and patted me on the butt muttering “good girl”.

i heard S with something in His hands, the noise was unfamilar but i felt certain He was holding something now. S lowered a blindfold over my eyes and tied it behind my back. The blindfold felt soft and thick, allowing no light to enter. “I want you to think about me and what i am doing without having to think about keeping your eyes closed” S said. i shivered wondering what was to come.

S took my right hand and placed in on His belt ordering me to hold tight and follow Him. my nipples still had the clamps on them and every step we took shook them sending pain rippling through my body. i gasped occasionally from the pain on our short walk. Holding onto His belt made me place my trust in Him. It was my choice to trust Him by retaining hold on the belt and following versus letting go and floundering on my own. i followed without thinking twice, one hand holding tight to His belt while the other out stretched slightly for balance.

Master S stopped with me almost plowing into His back. i was breathing fast since my nipples hurt alot. But in hind sight this pain didn’t allow me to dwell on what was to come and my imagination producing huge demons in my future. S removed my hand from His belt and placed it at my side. “I am going to remove the clamps, I want you to keep breathing.” He said. His hands carressed my swollen breasts, making slow circles toward the nipples. i concentrated on breathing evenly while the pain increased to a creshendo when He removed both clamps at the same time. my mind realed from the explosion. my arms wrapped around my middle as if i had been hit while S continued to rub my nipples talking to me the entire time. “Breath, come on, feel the pain, take My pain. Breath I said, come on breath, deeper.” The words continued until my conscious reentered my body and returned to the present. Master S placed His hands on my chin and lifted my head telling me how proud He was of me . He kissed me passionately, sucking my breath into Him and then forcing His breath into me.

S led me over to what i was soon to learn was a long table. He directed me to climb on the table and crawl a few feet along the top, then to lay down. i did so gingerly, my nipples still throbbing in pain. The wood felt cold and rich to me, sturdy like Master S’s voive. i could hear Him walk around the table. Shortly He placed restraints on my wrists and ankles in quick efficient motions. As He did He pulled my extremeties to point at the corners or the table. Seconds later i felt the tug on the restraints as i was secured to the table legs with rope. As S did this He frequently touched my body, running HIs hand along my skin, pinching it from time to time making me jump slightly. my heart was pounding in my ears, i was scared of what was to come.

When i was immobile i listened to S as He seemed to be arranging things on a near by table. my mind worked fiercly to overcompensate my loss of sight. my other senses seemed to have become intensified. Music filled the air suddenly, i was no longer able to hear noises any distance from my head. my body tensed instinctively, trying to anticipate His next action. i had little time to wait.

Master S started with a wooden paddle, the first strike taking my breath, removing all thoughts. The first was followed swiftly with a second , third, and many more. He made them light after the first blow and increased with each stroke. Alternating cheeks and area until i was sure my butt was firehouse red. As suddenly as He started, He stopped. i started breathing again not relaizing when i had started tpo hold my breath. my world was S and the pain. i had to actively work on relaxing my arms and legs, my entire body was a bundle of tight nerves. Master S ran HIs hand over my butt commenting on what a nice shade it was, but my tension displeased Him. i was mortified, it was my fault i had failed Him. i wanted to beg for a second chance. i wanted to try and make it right. Tears streamed down my face in my shame.

Something cold pushed between my cheeks, pressing against my tight ass. “This should help you relax some” S said as He worked the butt plug into me, one hand rubbing my back as His voice coaxed me to relax and accept the plug. i took deep breaths and forced my body to give in, to accept.The plug widened my ass muscles, the sphincter resisting and then releasing. The burning was terrible, fighting with my still burning flesh. With one final effort i relaxed my entire body and the plug was driven home. The pain decreased slightly but with any tension in me i felt the plug make it’s presence known telling me to relax.

After that S used many floggers on me. He would sometimes strike the backs of my legs, or move to my back. SOmetimes He centered on my already enflamend butt. He moved from region to region,varying the intensity and the style. SOmetimes the blow was a thud, sometimes a sting. He changed floggers frequently as i tried to listen for the air as it rushed during His swing. i couldn’t think anymore, i was more an animal fighting myself. Despite the plug i tensed my body, i pulled at the resatraints, i fought even though i couldn’t move. i refused to give in. But i knew i was His. The war in my head raged as it did in my body. i wanted to trust, but how could i when i was like this. How could i have done this? i asked myself countless questions in a millionth of a second, never closer to the answer. S continued to strike my body watching me fight and waiting for the outcome. A rubber flogger, a soft flogger, then the bull, maybe the deer one next. Time meant nothing to me now. It was only the pain and my war. i pulled on the restraints, tensing my body, holding my breath until i was sure i would pass out. All in attempts to control the pain, to keep control of myself.

Then in one second of insight i realized i wasn’t in control, Master S was. But it was alright, i trusted Him. i could relax and take His pain. i could stop fighting and accept the feelings. Doing this would not kill me. i was in no danger. i was sobbing uncontrollably. i was limp and nolonger fighting. S had stopped flogging me when He saw i had come to a resolution inside my head. He whispered close to my ear for me to breath, to take deep breaths. i did my best as my deep sobs continued. i felt soothing lotion being massaged into my burning flesh. i seemed to hurt all over but the lotion helped. i would start shaking from time to time and S would whisper to me how proud He was and for me to breath and relax some more. At some point the plug was removed and i felt more relief. The restraints were also removed yet i didn’t move my arms or legs, preferring to remain as i was. i had no will, i had no thoughts. Right then i had become a clean slate.

Master S used my body that night countless times. i was more than willing to show my appreciation how ever He desired it of me. i felt safe and secure. It was the start of a long relationship that pleased both of us. i had alot to learn that first time we met and smile today just thinking about how uneducated and naive i was back then.

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