The Ottoman


The Ottoman

2004 by ally sin

Gail was sitting at her computer, the mid afternoon sun making it hot enough outside to close the house up and turn the AC units on. She could sense Gus was in the room with her, most likely sitting on the sofa to her back watching YV. The day had been laid back, doing small, catchup chores around the house. So far she didn’t think she had left anything undone. Theirs was a strong connection. Domestic Discipline was always in affect as well as their D/s relationship. She had been His commited slave for going on a year now. They had never been happier.

Gail shook the sense of impending happenings and continued answering email and chatting with frinds. Her hands stilled on the key boards as Gus’s hand fell on her neck. A surge of excitement shivered from her neck down to her toes and returned to the center of her. Her heart beat faster and breathiing became a concious effort. “Prepare yourself for me on the ottoman” was all Gus said before turning around. Walking away He added, “You have maybe five minutes.”

Gail inhaled deep to steady her hands which shook with excitement. She quickly said haste goodbyes and logged off. Jumping to her feet she ran into the bedroom. What a mess she thought as she cleared off the ottoman and slid the 3X4 piece of furniture more into the middle of the room. Not having much time left she stripped off her clothes in record time , glanncing at the clock wondering how much time was left. Standing naked next to the ottoman she tried to guess what Gus would desire her to do in preperation. Gus had been working on making Gail anticipate His desires. But this left her with little to go on. Gail quickly took a calculated guess and headed to the bathroom. Opening the closet door she took out some liquid KY and a syringe without a needle. She had never done this herself and was a little unsure how to proceed. But time was definately against her. Inserting the syringe full of lube into her anus Gail emptied the tube. For good luck she also lubed the outside of her ass and some around her pussy. Looking both ways she tossed the supplies into the closet and closed the door..time later to clean up. She knew she was right hearing footsteps out in the hall way.

Gail ran from the bathroom and practically vaulted onto the ottoman, positioning herself on all fours, legs spread with her ass in the air. Just in time for Gus to walk in mere seconds after she had situationed herself. She closed her eyes, heat hammering…breathing heavy. She could feel Gus walk around her, felt His hand hovering over her yet not touching her, could smell His sent and picture Him in her mind.

Gus looked at Gail as He walked into the room and smiled. He wanted her to stretch and come up with what she thought He wanted. He just hoped she had chosen wisely. But in the back of His mind He knew that if she didn’t, He would change His plans. He would never harm His loving possession. Gail needed to feel what she really was, to know for certain she was a slave and belonged to Him. He was in charge always. The fact that it would envolve alot of pain and surrender on her part just excited Him more. He walked around her front and then kept walking to stand behind her. He sighed lightly in relief seeing she was well lubed and ready for Him. Her pink pussy winked at Him proving her excitement, small beads of lube slipped out of her ass and pussy. He could see life pulsating through the glowing flesh. Her butt looked so inviting, so spankable, so whipable. Gus inhaled deeply smelling her perfume, placing His hands near her flesh He could feel the energy eminating from Gail. Working to put two people on the same wave length was a long and drawnout process but in the long run, it was well worth His effort to own such a slave. Shaking His head slightly to throw off the dreamy fantasies of days gone by and times to come, He forced Himself back on track for the present.

The sound of His zipper was like a rocket shot in her ears. Before she could think He had grasped her hips and positioned himself to enter her. No fancy words or foreplay. The head of His cock pressed against her ass a few brief seconds before He pressed harder and then thrust forward, imbedding Himself deep in her ass. Gus sucked in His breath as her muscles contracted violently against His flesh, He grabbed her hips more securely and waited for the inevitable reaction He knew she would encounter first. The pleasure He was feeling grew ten fold. Dominating a sub of such strong will was more powerful than any aphrodisiac he could find.

Gail gasped as pain exploded from her ass and enveloped her. She couldn’t think or feel nor breath. It was intense and hot. The pain burnt deep into her soul. She felt ripped and torn, legs weak , and her whole body trembled softly. Later she would know no damage was done, but for then, then she was riding a wave of severe and all consuming pain. Distant words started to become louder in her ears. It was Gus commanding her to relax and submit, to become His. To afirm she was His slave and property. Panting Gail fought the inner demons wanting her to rebel, to kick and scream. But she didn’t follow the evil ones, she swam through her sea of pain to find her Master. Slowly she forced her tormented muscles to relax. When Gus felt the slightest sensation of her giving in He started to pump inside her forbidden area. Faster and faster until her moans of pain changed. Praising her He continued.

Too soon for Gus’s liking He felt the building orgasm inside Him. It felt so good being buried in her, to know He owned her completely. Gus considered for a fraction of a second to hold back, to make it last longer. But He had achieved what He desired and felt elated inside. She had conquered her body and submitted completely. He had treated her like a slave and she could not have made Him prouder. The orgasm continued to grow in Him when her body tightened in a huge orgasm, once again tightening around His cock sending Him beyond the point of no return into paradise inside her ass. When they both returned to Earth Gus Pulled gail into His arms and held her shivering body close to His. Gus told her how much He cared and loved her, how proud He was. Gail drifted into a satisfied sleep, a smile on her slave lips.

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