The Hunt


The Hunt

my heart is pounding heavily in my chest as i run, my feet crushing the autumn leaves beneath them. my breath is coming in deep gasps which hurt my lungs but i keep running. The wind whistles past my ears and the low branches of the trees pull at me as if to slow me down causing minor scrapes on my flesh. i keep running, my hair falling behind me tumbling and rolling in chaos to keep up. i keep looking over my shoulder looking for the One that is chasing me, knowing He is close, but seeing no one as i keep running.

Finally exhausted i duck behind a large tree ahead. Trying to hide behind it’s enormous girth, my chest heaving, gulping in much needed oxygen. my ears are tuned to any noises not natural to the forest, my eyes dart back and forth looking for any movement. The adrenalin pumping through my veins has my entire body on edge, ready to take flight at a second’s notice.

i look around the tree one more time. my eyes catch a slight movement in the trees as i see Him, His head turning looking for me, His body ready to resume the chase after He discovers His quarry. Our eyes lock and a slow smile crosses His face as He starts advancing toward me. Pushing off the tree i again start running, my legs heavy, feeling like a million pins pricking into my limbs. i can now hear His footfall, crashing through the underbrush getting closer and closer. i know i cannot escape, yet i will not stop , giving up on the remote possibility that maybe i can get away. Darting between trees and fallen logs we run, the fox and the hound. i hear His breath now as He closes in and i know the chase is almost ended. But i keep running.

Suddenly i feel His hands descend on my shoulders, the force sending me tumbling to the forest floor with only a shallow bed of fallen leaves to cushion my fall. Struggling to catch my breath i try to move and escape but His body is covering mine , holding me immobile under His weight. His heavy breathing falls on my neck and i make one last attempt to get away. He grasps my wrists with His hands in a vice like grip destroying any thought of a possible freedom. ” Don’t you dare move again without permission, you understand?” He commands in a heavy voice. i close my eyes and nod my answer of compliance , knowing I have no choice but to acquiesce.

i feel Him shift, releasing my arms, and laying next to me….His breathing still uneven and ragged from the chase. Slowly my body returns to normal but i do not move knowing He is still there. i hear Him moving about, my ears straining to put sound and movements together. i feel Him approach me, His footsteps sending tremors through the moist earth below me. Suddenly a soft cloth is placed over my closed eyes, binding my vision, holding my sight prisoner. my heart hammers faster in my chest, my submission wrapping itself around me like a cloak centering my mind. Once again i sense movement beside me as He grabs my wrists and ties them together with rope,the coarse hemp bitting gently into my delicate skin. He tugs on them to verify they are tight and secure.

He pulls on my restraint commanding me to rise and stand. i struggle to my feet unsteadily knowing not to expect a stabalizing hand. i must control my body as well as my mind. i drop my arms in front of me and wait. The wind blows softly on my body, chilling me from the cold sweat of the chase. The dry fall leaves rustle in the trees as i listen for what He is up to, my head cocking from one side to another in an attempt to hear more. i feel His presence next to me, the warmth of His hand as it gets close yet not touching my body. my clothes are tugged to the side as He releases first one ,then another ,and finally all the ties that keeps my dress together on the side. The wind flows over the exposed skin making my nipples rise from the cold. He does the same to the other side allowing the fabric to hang from my shoulders, falling freely over my nakedness for i wear nothing else beside the dress.

“Lift your arms” He says. i comply immediately with arms stretched above my head. He lifts the dress over my head and arms leaving me as naked as the day i was born. my chest catches my breath as a huge shiver travels up and down my spine. my breasts feel heavy as they tingle in anticipation and a hot glow starts in my tight stomach, a mixture of fear and longing. my arms burn from being held overhead, but i dare not move unless instructed to. Thankfully i feel His hand on my arms lowering them down.(whew). His footsteps crunch the fallen leaves as He circles me, touching me lightly here and there the entire time, a caress of the breast, a touch on the ear, and a slight squeeze of my butt until once again He stands behind me. Suddenly He wraps an arm around my chest just under my breasts while His other hand comes from around my other side to grasp my pussy startling me.. i blush knowing He can feel the shaven mons, hoping He cannot discern my state of excitement. He squeezes my lower flesh harshly and whispers in my ear “Open your legs little one”. i find it strange that whispered words can sometimes convey more power and force than shouted words . my legs automatically open to Him….as His hand forces itself between my thighs. He thrusts a finger carelessly into my opening pushing it all the way in. i stiffen slightly as He holds me tighter along my ribs whispering words to relax me in a constant flow to my ear, in an almost trance like way. He starts fingering my clit, sending violent shock waves across my body. In my tired state i am vulnerable and rapidly start toward climax, my breathing coming more rapid and heavy. Suddenly i am standing once again on my own as i hear You chuckle “Not yet…soon,very soon though”

The rope pulls me forward and i stumble to keep from falling. Only a few strides are taken before i am commanded to stop. Once again the rope pulls my arms over my head as i hear rope catch on bark, tying me to a limb overhead. He runs His hands down my arms now immobile and rests them on my hips. He takes first one nipple in His mouth biting and sucking it erect, the pain/pleasure sensation immediate ,making breathing harder and harder. i feel my breast being stretched as He moves His mouth away, not ready to give up the tender morsel. My nipple slips from his lips, bouncing back to its natural position. He then gives the other breast like attention. i arch my back my shoulders falling away to open to Him and His teasing. He gives me a brief kiss on the lips and tells me to stay there, He’ll be right back.

i groan softly, wondering where i’d go right now, my breasts hungry for more attention. Realizing i had not been concentrating on listening ,i open my senses to sound and listen intently. i feel the energy of the woods and feel something i cannot put my finger on………. His footsteps return along with a whooshing sound, i fear i know….

A whoosh comes in front of me, i can even feel the switch as it descends on my breast. The pain explodes as it strikes the tender flesh. i gasp loudly from the unexpected blow, swaying slightly. “no sound little one , at least for now. I wouldn’t want anyone stumbling on to us. ” i nod to show i heard the commands and try to prepare myself. The switch again falls on my breasts in a slightly different area making me catch my breathe. “Very good” He says.

The switch now falls on different parts of my body, the breasts, stomach, back, butt, thighs, and arms. I can feel the heat burn my flesh as i slowly slip away from my body. The pain increasing level by level, the rythum sending me into a trance allowing me to accept the pain He gives me. Three lighter strokes followed by a heavy one, repeating over and over, increasing each time in intensity. He stops now and then, running His hands over a particularly good mark He has placed, whispering in my ear words of encouragement, one hand always going to check my pulse. i nod i am okay, unable to speak.

The pain/pleasure is more intense than i have ever experienced and nearing my limits. i shake my head begging to have it stop. “I want you to yell now little one, you must yell, you understand?” i nod really afraid now, not sure i can scream. He resumes striking me again, the blows feel like they are increasing more rapidly, i hold back my screams as long as i can until i can not take it anymore. i feel disconnected with my body and floating , free. i hear a scream in the distance and i am shocked when i realize it is me. i scream and beg and plead, tears running down my face under the blindfold. The switch stops striking me and my arms are lowered from their position, protesting the ache and strain.

i still feel disconnected from my body as i am led in another direction a few short step. Being brought to a stop He pushes me down and over with a hand between my shoulder blades. Partially falling, partially kneeling i drop heavily onto a fallen log, my hips high in the air, exposed to Him. His hands run over my rump and thighs, tracing the lines crisscrossing my flesh He has made. i can feel Him smile. He pushes my thighs apart and runs His hand between my legs. i jump when He touches my clit. He places His hand on the small of my back, messaging me to remain still. i settle again and wait anxiously not knowing, forever thinking. Suddenly He rams His cock into my pussy, the juices hot and flowing, sucking Him further inside me. i am close to the edge and move my hips, begging for release…..”please , please” i moan. “Soon” comes the reply.

He places His hands on my hips and with drawls fully from me only to ram solidly into me again. i gasp each time never getting nearer to the edge, yet never stepping back from it. He grinds His hips into my butt emphasizing His domination, making me feel. The hightened excitement glowing low in me craves for a release and i beg over and over again. The rythum gets faster and faster, i feel myself stretched and hot, an internal itch. He grabs my hair with one hand lifting my head back…..pounding into me He yells….”Now, you will cum now” Gratefully i allow my body to flow, to enjoy, to accept, to cum. my legs tremble with the force of emotions and my breathing stops momentarily. i feel Him swell inside me as He also cums.

Slowly i return to Earth and hear the normal sound of the forest, the wind, leaves, branches rubbing. He pulls me to a sitting position and unties my hands, rubbing them gently to restore lost circulation that may have occured. Then my blindfold is removed. i blink my eyes at the strong sunlight, seeing Him for the first time since the chase began. i smile and grin, ” Nice party isn’t it Master?” We smile hearing other couples nearby. i find my dress and put it back on, tying the sides together, again. (doubt they will stay that way long though) I pick up the rope and blindfold and wrap them neatly together. Master stands and accepts the set , placing them back in His pocket. Hand in hand we walk back to the main play house, smiling.


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