She walked towards the Master’s chamber judging her pace and the distance left to traverse so she would arrive exactly on time.Her foot steps echoing in the ancient stone, light entering the windows she passes lighting her way. His home reflected how she felt about Master Degon, it’s power and strength encased her making her feel safe and secure.He had been her Master for less than a year now, Master Degon was her first and only Master. In the beginning she had been very shy and timid, unsure of herself. With Master Degon’s help she opened up and blossomed into a slave of great potential. Master Degon had come to treasure His pet and enjoyed the time they spent together relaxing, training, or pleasuring Him.

Exactly at the appointed time she scratched at the door, opened it only wide enough to allow her entry,and quietly closed the door behind her. rosepetal knelt on the floor on the threshold, her head lowered and knees spread. Performing this standard ritual had become automatic lending her reassurance in its repetition. She waited for Master Degon to acknowledge her presence and grant her entrance into His chamber. Her heart was beating rapidly and her senses tuned to His presence and voice. She could smell His aroma and inhaled deeply feeling His power engulf her.

Master Degon was sitting in a plush chair watching His slave. He picked up a glass of tea from an adjacent table and sipped it slowly, His eyes focused on rosepetal. He was very pleased with her. Acknowledging how far she had come in her training and skills He admitted she had a long way to travel to become a valued slave. Today would be another important lesson toward that goal. His eyes took in her appearance. The outfit was silky and soft , seeming to float around her. Her hair was unbound falling down her back to her waist. The strands curled amongst themselves at the bottom in pleasing fashion. She wore no jewelry save her simple leather collar. He let her kneel on the floor for several minutes knowing the cold stone floor was hard on her soft flesh.

Pleased she had not moved a muscle in her extended time on the floor He finally summoned her. “Come here rosepetal” He said. rosepetal stood to her feet and padded over to Him , her gaze lowered in respect. Stopping three feet from Him she once again assumed the kneeling position waiting for her first order. Master Degon leaned forward and ran His fingers along the side of her face and down her neck stopping momentarily at her pulse, feeling her life force,His for the taking. He could feel her emotions;fear, trepidation, and submission. Master Degon glorified in His ownership of rosepetal, her innocence a refreshing addition to His life. He sat back in His chair drinking in the sight of His slave and smiled in superior fashion.

“Today you will please me by pleasuring yourself.” He said.He waited for His order to sink into her quick mind;exactly what He wanted and would get. rosepetal’s eyes darted back and forth in confusion on how to accomplish this task. Master Degon was well aware of her confusion and smiled pleased. She was not allowed to touch herself in a sexual manner nor could anyone else save Him do so. rosepetal lifted her gaze to His and tilted her head in question. She wanted to please her Master but needed to know how to proceed and blushed her innocence for Master Degon to see..

Sighing in mock irritation He motioned her to stand in front of Him. As she complied He sat back crossing His legs appearing to assess her looks and movements in a critical manner. Waving a hand between them He continued, “Now remove your clothes as I taught you”.rosepetal lifted her hands and slowly started to unbutton her top, her fingers splayed wide to retain His attention. One by one the buttons released the fabric allowing tantalizing glimpses of her breasts. Edging the top over her shoulder she teasingly kept the cloth covering her ample breasts until the last moment then letting the fabric fall to the floor in a soft pile at her feet. Next rosepetal hooked her fingers in the waist of her skirt lowering it inch by inch, front then back in a seesawing motion until her hips released the fabric letting it waft to the floor around her feet. She stood naked in front of Him, her shoulders straight allowing her breasts to thrust forward naturally. She waited.

Pointing to the padded bench near Him Master Degon instructed her to sit on it straddling her legs on either side facing Him. She slowly complied, her confusion written plainly on her face.

Keeping His expression void of emotions He continued the lesson. “you will pleasure yourself as I have in the past using your hands on your body. First lie back and close your eyes. Take your hands and imagine them as Mine moving over your body finding and caressing the pleasure spots.” He said. rosepetal nodded, her mind trying to digest the instructions and how to act on them.She wanted to please Master Degon more than anything but she was very naive at times. Fearing delay would anger Him she leaned back on the bench closing her eyes, her hands clutched the sides of the bench in anxiety. The bench was actually quite comfortable with one end elevated at her head allowing Master Degon to watch her easily.

Letting go of the bench she hesitantly raised her hands and laid them on her stomach unsure how to continue. “Picture your hands as My hands. Use them as I have used your body. Don’t think, just feel.” rose petal took a deep breath, her heart pounding in her chest, and moved a hand over her breast shakily. She massaged the warm flesh rubbing her palm back and forth over the nipple bringing it tight and erect. “Keep going” Master Degon encouraged. rosepetal wrapped her fingers around the tit, squeezing it tight and releasing it. A spasm of desire flashed across her face unknown to her as her pussy started to tingle and ignite. Master Degon watched.

Continuing to work her breasts she lowered her other hand between her legs cupping her venus mons in her hand and squeezing gently. Sparks flew from her pussy to her breasts and back. She emitted a soft whimper, her hips rising in reflex to press against her palm. rosepetal’s mind drifted back to the many times Master Degon had used her body and the pleasure she had gotten from Him. She started to get wet and hot, her breathing rapid interspersed with short gasps of wonder. With each passing moment she lost herself in the web of pleasure. Master Degon watched.

rosepetal’s lower hand slipped over her clit bringing it to life. She remembered Master Degon taking her to climax many times with just her clit. Never having done it herself or even thinking to ask how He had done it she experimented with various styles. rosepetal rubbed soft and hard, pulling and pinching the engorged flesh between her fingers. Her breathing was now deep and sensual; her chest rising up and down making her breast roll back and forth with the motion. Master Degon watched.

Continuing to work her clit she pulled on her nipples with her other hand twisting them before releasing the swollen flesh. She repeated this many times with each breast turning the skin red with her ministration. rosepetal’s head turned from side to side lost in the world she had created, desire overtaking her. Master Degon watched.

Sliding her pussy hand lower she inserted first one then two fingers into herself feeling the slick juices. She turned the digits left and right, circling them in this new territory. Pushing her fingers toward her front and fingering her clit at the same time the sensations took her by surprise and she gave a soft gasp of shock. Her hips were now moving in rhythm by themselves, her thumb flicked her clit to send electricity through her body. Her top hand roamed over her body chsing the sparks spreading all across her. Master Degon watched.

In rosepetal’s mind she didn’t see her hands but Master Degon’s hands playing her body creating a symphony of emotions and desire that swirled to eventually erupt into a climax. Her body flushed as her heart hammered in her chest. Her lower hand worked furiously at her pussy and clit, the juices making a slapping sound each time she drove her hand into herself. Master Degon watched.

He knew she was close to climaxing. He also knew she would never cum unless He gave her permission. He took another sip of tea enjoying the sight of His slave pleasuring herself for Him. He watched her glistening body, smelled her desire, her passion and smiled. The tremors racking her body were a joy to His sight. His own breath was short and His heart rate was fast. Master Degon was far from unaffected by rosepetal’s display. He knew she would continue as long as He wanted but that was not today’s lesson.

rosepetal moaned loudly, desperately trying to contain her climax. “May I cum Master?” she pleaded. He smiled at her knowing He had the power to deny her pleasure. This alone was a heady feeling He enjoyed while watching her. Taking another sip if tea He said nothing. Master Degon watched her stimulate herself for many more minutes before deciding the time was right to allow her release. “you may cum now rosepetal” He announced.

With a final shove into her pussy with her hand she released the flood gates to allow desire full rein of her body, stepping into the oblivion of satisfied passion. Her back arched and her head fell back as the powerful climax took over her body. A scream bounced off the walls torn from her lips in the throes of fulfillment. It could have been seconds, minutes, or hours later as rosepetal returned to the present to find Master Degon standing over her, His hand between her legs feeling her wetness and juices. He brought His sticky fingers to His nose and inhaled her perfume. Extending His hand to her He commanded rosepetal to lick His fingers clean, to taste herself and her passion.  She did so with relish, eager to please Master Degon. He smiled down at her “I am pleased rosepetal, you have done well”.

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