Passions Untold


Passions Untold

i was given directions to meet my Master at a new place. i had no idea where it was but i trusted Him and drove there that Friday evening. i was to arrive promptly at six pm and knock on the door. Fog has moved into the area giving things a surreal appearance. Another mile down the rural road i see the mail box and turn into the driveway. The house is neither in the country nor could it be said to be in the city. It is a normal suburban house, white two story, with a porch on front. The trees around it were planted in such a way as to give maximum privacy. i doubted the neighbors could see anything and most likely couldn’t hear anything either.

i get out of the car and walk to the door. The gravel driveway crunching beneath my feet seems to be extremely loud to my ears. i am wearing blue jeans without underwear and a t-shirt, braless of course. i was a little taken back when i was ordered to wear the jeans but understood the reason soon after putting them on. The coarse seams were just right to irritate my pussy the entire drive there. i look at my watch for the millionth time that night…just on time, six at night. i knock on the door and wait. It feels like forever before i hear Master’s command for me to enter the house.

i walk in the house and see a light in the room to my right. Peaking in i see Master sitting in a chair and another male i had never met before. Master seems to be well acquainted with Him so i walk inside after getting Master’s attention and stand before Him. He motions me to kneel and i do, slightly to His right and a hair’s breathe from His hand, my hair is in a pony tail and draped over my left shoulder in case Master wishes to grasp it. They talk for a while longer and my knees start to hurt some but i try not to fidget.

Master grabs my hair and tugs harshly, He asks if i heard what He said. i reply no , i had fallen into a trance like state and had stopped listening to Them talk. He tells me that tonight i have no will of my own, that all i am is His, all i feel is His, all i take is His. i am to obey without thought or question, absolute. i nod and reply “yes Master”. He then commands me to stand in the middle of the room. i do as He wishes and wait casting glances at Master’s Friend in the other chair. Returning my attention to Master He nods and absently commands me to strip. Having never done this before except in front of Master i am nervous but i raise my hands and with shaking hands i remove my shirt. my pants slip over my hips and fall to the ground. i quickly fold the clothes and set them next to me on the floor. Master and Friend then walk around me, not touching me yet close enough to. Master stops behind me and i am suddenly blindfolded, unable to see anything. my breathe catches and i hold it.A hard swat on the butt reminds me to relax and breathe. i shiver slightly and attempt to calm down ( yeah, right!). Master takes my hand.He pulls me to the door and i shuffle behind Him. He commands me to walk normally . i blush as i start walking with a bit more confidence in His care of me.

He leads me down the hall and down a set of step. From the feel of the air it is obviously a basement. i hear Friend moving things a short distance away and Master offering one word answers to unspoken questions. Nothing tells me what is in the room or in store for me.i inch toward Master slightly, needing His comfort and strength. He notices and releases my hand commanding me to remain there. i hug my body with my arms for mental support and am quickly reminded by another harsh swat on my butt to lower my arms and remain still. my head lowers automatically as i obey Him. i hear Them moving around, talking in whispers with an occasional quiet laugh. With my eyes covered i am more in tune with sounds but try as i might i can hear nothing.

i am led forward and helped onto something that i believe is a spanking bench. i lay along the padded top and my legs are strapped onto the padded shelf. Another strap holds my waist secure. my head is just over the edge and there are places for my elbows to rest. He asks if i am comfortable and i reply yes. i know i am blushing in the knowledge my ass is high in the air, my privates exposed to Master and Friend. They are close by still setting up.

Suddenly i feel a hand running down my back and along my rear. i have no idea who’s it is and try to move involuntarily. The bindings are tight and i get nowhere as i hear a chuckle behind me. They were only testing the bindings i think. The one hand is joined shortly by a second and then a third. i stiffen up and hold my breathe ( a typical response for me due to fear and stress) Master is by my head and whispers words of encouragement combined with commands to relax. i concentrate on Him. He starts to knead my breasts, making them swell and the nipples to stiffen and perk up to His administrations. Without warning He clips a nipple clamp to each of my nipples, the pain is intense and stabbing. i try to relax and breathe through this, willing my body to accustom itself quickly to the sensation. i come back to Him mentally and Master tugs on the chain connecting them to verify they are good and tight. i gasp out my pain so He can hear exactly how tight they are in hopes He won’t tighten them further. He does anyways.

Master moves behind me as i strain to discover what He is doing. That is answered in moments when a hard paddle connects with my exposed rear. The sting is immense and is swiftly followed by rythmic beat from the paddle with softer blows. He starts a pattern i know well, 5 soft hits followed by a harsh one. He follows this pattern numerous times, warming up my rear. my head rolls from side to side as i try to suppress the moans of pain. The pain rolls through me from my toes to the tip of my head, i feel it all over.

The beatings take a momentary break as He changes paddles i assume. A hand runs over my sore butt as i am complimented on my nice red color. i bet it matches my face but refrain from saying so. i hear footsteps near my head and movement. Master commands me to open my mouth and i do. He stuffs His cock in my mouth and orders me to pleasure Him. i am only able some movement but my arms aren’t bound so i attack the task with enthusiasm. my hands grasp His cock and i suck greedily on Him. i like His cock and enjoy this chore. Pain once again erupts through me as Friend takes over for Master with the paddle. i try to gasp but Master’s cock is in my mouth and He has gripped my head not allowing me to raise up. Keep on task slave He tells me. If i slow down the beatings get faster and harder, if i continue sucking Him willingly the beats are there but not as hard. i hate for Him to cum in my mouth but i am not allowed to slow down or to remove His cock from my mouth. Master grabs my pony tail and drags me off His cock before He cums. i am panting by now from the paddling and from my ministrations to His body. He pats my head and i collapse slightly on the bench. my arms are then quickly bound to the bench and i can not move at all anymore.

While i am still regaining my breathe Master moves behind me again and this time i hear the whisper of His favorite flogger as He warms up with it. In moments He is caressing my body in loving swings and hits. The feeling is luxurious as the cold leather kisses my flesh. i moan in pleasure unknowingly. The swings change slowly and it gets harder and rougher. The leather now biting and stinging, raising whimpers of pain from me. My body is again on fire as He concentrates more on my back, my rear already red and abused from the paddle. This continues for a while as He goes from soft style to hard style and back and forth again. i struggle to get away after a particularly hard blow and another rains on me even harder to teach me to remain still. i cry out His name and the flogging continues. The blows intensify to a crescendo and my nipples are tugged and sensitized as Friend takes a playful tug on the chain connecting them. i am panting heavily, tears streaming down my face begging Master for it to end. In an instant the blows stop and my nipples seem to explode as the clamps are removed at the same time. i am in a void now, i am total pain. i can hear nothing, i feel nothing but pain. i am free yet bound.

Master runs His hand along my cheek, kissing me gently to make sure i am fine. i nod, turning my head into His palm as a cat is wont to. Desiring His attention and love. He kisses me on the head and then stands next to me, absently running His hand on my back in a reassuring manner. Master and Friend talk in low tones that i cannot distinguish even if i had the energy to. Shortly They decide the break is over and return Their attentions to me. i feel the cold of rubber pressed up to my ass, the cold slime of lubricant sends shivers down my spine as a butt plug is pressed into me. Master runs a hand along my rear and small of my back ordering me to relax. i immediately struggle internally to allow the invasion of the plug and exhale as He presses it inside me. My muscles stretch and protest , the plug being one much larger than Master normally uses. i gasp as it settle in place. i faintly hear words of praise before a sharp lash is felt on my butt. i groan loudly knowing it is the dreaded cane. Master laughs and hits me gently a few more times. My rear is tender and has the plug so He concentrates on the sweet tissue below on my legs. i cry out loudly in pain. Master hits me again in the same place making me open my mouth again to protest. At that instant Friend stuffs a gag in my mouth shutting off my vocal abilities.He ties it behind my head, the gag stopping me from making noise yet allowing me to breath with some ease. Master hits me again asking if i wanted to say anything to Him. i shake my head vigorously no and He responds by laughing “I didn’t think so”.

Master uses the cane some more and intersperses it with a small pussy paddle. He aims for my clit and then taps the plug sending more sensations through me. i feel my pussy dripping now, my arousal building with every minute. A clit clamp is snapped on almost sending me over the edge. i am mumbling my beggings for release, my body a mass of excited nerves, of unquenched desires and needs.

Master slides a finger, then two more inside me. He remarks how wet i am. i can feel Him thinking, i can sense His presence and emotions. His fingers move and stretch me, rubbing against the plug in my ass. He leans over me whispering in my ear, “what do you want slave?”. i am unable to respond, my body completely His to do with as He pleased. He feels my total surrender, my submission, my body relaxing into and under His. He stands up again and removes His fingers from inside me and replaces them with His cock. He slams hard into me as i grunt from the force. Grabbing my hair He pumps away into my body, His body. He pounds hard and fast into me, i can hear His breathe, i can feel His sweat dripping onto my sore back. my head is forced back by my hair and His other hand spanks my butt with each thrust. “Cum now slave” He commands as i tumble over the edge into blissful oblivion, the gag muffling my cries of pleasure and pain. He spews His seed inside me as i crash once again into the waves of orgasm.

i float to the surface of consciousness and roll over, pulling the covers with me. i am hugging my pillow to my chest, wet with my tears. i smile vaguely as i slowly awaken from my favorite dream. Sometimes you just don’t want to wake up from your fantasies.

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