Over The Knee and me

It was a fairly chilly day well into the fall. Master and i had been together for a few years, learning and growing together. Many days we lived as typical couples in our daily lives. Once in a while Master takes my life totally in His hands and centers my soul. This was one of those days.

Master had been looking at me all morning as i worked around the house and at the computer. i could feel His eyes on me, feel His presence. It sent chill bumps down my back like a cool breeze. Except no cool breeze created that feeling between my legs. Lunch was a simple affair of soup and sandwiches. As i cleaned up the plates and straighened the kitchen Master walked over to me pinning me between the counter and His body. my flesh lights from His touch and i can’t help the soft giggle from coming out. He whispers in my ear, more hot breath than words, soft and seductive.

“Go put on that sheer white blouse and the matching skirt.”

i looked over my shoulder at Him. “Those are summer clothes Sir, too thin for this time of year.”

“Questioning me , pet?”

“Ooooooooooooh no No NO Sir! i’ll get them on right away Sir.” i know when to suck up and retreat.

The clothes i am to wear are thin and more suited to the summer. i know i will be very chilly in them but i put them on anyways hoping He’ll keep me warm. Smiling in anticipation i button the blouse, my nipples already hardening in the cold and very obvious against the fabric. The skirt barely reaches my knees. i consider putting on shoes but know He would not allow them. Looking in the mirror i see a very pretty woman. No one would know i was a submissive, that my Owner was my life, or that i adored this lifestyle. The way it made me come alive was unlike anything i had ever experienced before. Smiling i smoothed out my skirt and straightened my blouse. my hands lingered over the swell of my breasts enjoying their full ripe heaviness. Shaking my head i turned and left the room, a secret knowing smile playing across my face as i knew i would please my Master.

Master is watching television so i stand in the doorway waiting for acknowledgment. He doesn’t seem to be outwardly aware of my presence but i know He is. He sits relaxed in a pair of black cotton pants and a T-shirt. His hair is smoothed away from His face. i wait for the power He eminates to wash over me as it does each time i see Him. i feel giddy inside and hope it will always be like this.

“Bring me a glass of tea pet.” i turn soundlessly and walk to the kitchen for His drink, the floor cold on my bare feet. Returning to Him i set the tea beside His hand and start backing out of the room. Master motions me in front of Him without looking at me yet. He points to the ground knowing i will obey. i quickly drop to my knees in front of Him and lower my gaze. In true female fashion i lay my skirt around me to show it and me off to the best advantage. i try not to smile but fail, my nerves show as once again a soft chuckle forms in my throat. He turns His attention to me. Master leans over and grabs my nipples one in each hand, squeezing them hard. i gasp from the sudden severity of it as much as the pain. The pain spider webs through my body igniting sleeping nerves. i feel the heat of my Owner, His scent, his power.

“Find anything funny?” i quickly reply through the pain. “No Sir!” The pain increases slightly. i whimper softly now, like a puppy begging, needing.

He smiles and releases my nipples which throb from the abuse. i am not sure if it hurt more when He was squeezing or when He released them. i keep my head lowered fighting for control. Master leans over and opens a drawer next to Him pulling out a set of Ben-Wa balls from inside. Giving them to me He tells me to insert them and go about my normal house work. i am not allowed to let the balls drop from my body. Taking the balls i start to rise. His hand descends on my shoulder halting me. “Put them in now.” He says quietly but broking no disobedience. i am blushing as i pull my skirt up and spread my elgs wide. Master nudges my legs even wider with His foot. Leaning back He enjoys the show His property is giving to Him, the enjoyment He finds in me. With one hand holding the skirt up i slip the balls deep inside me with my other hand. i am already moist, wet even so they slip in easily. Master smiles knowing this. i tighten my inner muscles to keep the balls inside. It’s not so much a full feeling as a feeling feeling. i know they are there, they make their presence known in my every movement. Looking up at Master i gain His approval and dismissal. Rising slowly i return to my chores, gaining a swat on my ass as i leave.

Throughout the afternoon Master watches me. The heat of His gaze follows me around the house. It is chilly inside ( Master must have turned the heat down ). my thin clothes don’t keep me warm, yet i am not exceedingly cold either. It’s cold enough i am aware of my skin and the goose bumps along my flesh. Of course my nipples stay hard all the time. Master occasionally brushes against my breasts or runs a hand along my thinly covered butt. my nerves clang wildly in need, i gush moisture, the balls almost slipping from me countless times. i am aware of my body, how i am reacting to things around me, responding to Him, to living.

i think i know what Master did all morning while i worked. He planted objects He would need in the afternoon in places barely in my reach if i stretched hard. This made my body tight as He enjoys seeing it, but it also strecthes the inner muscles making the likelihood of dropping the Ben-Wa balls very possible. i have to concentrate hard to prevent that from happening. Master suddenly has to have these items He can not live without. It is tiring being constantly on alert, of feeling. i also can not deny the desire and heat i am experiencing. Especially when i kneel at His feet to deliver an item to Him, or when He watches me with lust filled eye, the eyes of a conquerer. He is stalking me yet at the same time playing with me, tightening His emotional grip only to release it suddenly to start over.

i am standing in the kitchen looking out the window, of course it looks like snow. Suddenly Master is behind me as silently as a predator. He runs His hand into my hair and closes His fist near my scalp holding me secure, His other arm snaking around my waist. He bites my exposed neck softly, then savagely, then softly again. Shivers of delight travel up and down my spine, settling like a quagmaire of boiling feelings low in my belly. He whispers in my ear ” Be in the study in ten minutes.” With a swat of my butt He is gone.

i turn and go to freshen myself knowing it may be a while before i am able to see to my personal needs. i walk into the study excatly ten minutes later.

In the center of the room is the big oak chair without arms. It is strong, strong enough for two and alot of force. i feel gushing heat pour fro my body as i know what this means and delight in it. ( i think i know what Pavlov’s dog must have felt like. ) Keeping my head down i cross to the chair and kneel in front of it a good foot away to allow Master room to sit. i almost allow the balls to fall from me in my preoccupation with guessing the evening. Tightening my muscles i kneel and wait. Master strides in a few minutes later knowing my anxiety is elevated by His late arrival. He goes to the stereo and turns on some low chanting music, the name of which excapes me. my heart is already beating fast and the cold compounds the heightened sensory i feel my skin has achieved. He sits in the chair and just looks down at me, towering over me without a word. Minutes go by and i start to fidget unable to control myself as usual.

Looking up through thick lashes i see His gaze on me, one of ownership and possession. i am His and we both know it, revel in it even. His gaze captures me and holds me to Him as an evil smile spreads across His face. my heart races now not knowing what is ahead. i can barely breath. i smile at Him until i see the nippple clamps draped haphazzardly around His neck. This is going to be an interesting evening i think.

He leans back, one hand playing with a nipple clamp. “Remove the shirt.” i expected Him to tell me what may happen or maybe how well i did today. This was something different and it off centered me making me unsure. i hate being unsure, i like knowing what is going to happen. With slightly trembling hands i slowly unbutton my shirt knowing well how to strip tease for Master. He allows me this teasing only because He enjoys it. i start at the top button and work down, my breasts exposed more and more with each released button. i know i am more endowed than most females yet i find mine not overly large, just right for me. But at 40DD most think them big. i slip off the shirt and lay it on the ground next to me.

Master doesn’t move. Now i am really nervous. He nods and points to the skirt. “That too.” i start to rise and He raises an eye brow at me. i know i have made a wrong move and return to my kneeling position. Looking right and then left as i do when i am nervous i decide to try another approach. i unbutton the skirt from my kneeling position and lift it over my head. It’s a soft, flowing concoction so this isn’t too hard to do. Naked as the day i was born i unconciously straighten my back and square my shoulders, my arms naturally slide behind my back. He smiles and with a booted foot taps my breasts making the wiggle and jiggle against each other. He slides the nipplpe clamps from around His neck and plays with them in His hands. The metal clicking against metal echoes in my head.

“Who owns you?”
“You do Master.”
“For Who’s pleasure are you?”
“For Yours Master.”

Master smiles and leans forward placing the clamps harshly on my already hard nipples. He then relaxes back into the chair watching me as i gasp and struggle with myself, my mind, my body. “Tonight i am going to use your body. I will hurt you because i want to hurt you. I want to see you take the pain I give. you will satisfy my needs tonight, used for your Master’s enjoyment. Do you understand?” A gleam of sadistic pleasure is in His eye.

i nod unable to voice a word. my chest is tight and my nipples ache. On top of everything else the damned Ben-Wa balls are still inside me forcing me to keep control. The tingling starts at the tip of my head and radiates down to my toes. i feel alive and needed.

“Over My knee.” He commands. i nod and rise only to the point where i can slide gingerly over His lap desperately trying to avoid touching the clmaps. Master tugs the chian lightly to check the clamps are secure or so He says that is the reason. i have my doubts since He loves to torture my large breasts. my head dangles over one side of His lap as my legs fall over the other end. He slips a hand bwteeen my legs and slides a finger inside me. i feel His nod of satisfaction as He finds the balls still in place. Removing His hand He orders me , ” Hands behind your head and cross your ankles. you will not move from this position. Do you understand?” Again all i can do is obey Him and nod. In this position i can not move nor gain leverage to get off His lap. i am in effect helpless.

His hand rubs my seriously exposed butt, raised for His enjoyment. His other hand is on my back to steady my body. i hear soft words spoken to soothe and calm me. The music coupled with His voice starts me toward a trance of sorts. Then His hand starts descending in rapid spanks, one cheek then the other. Over and over again. No time between to recover the pain building and burning. No warm up, no comfort, just pain and hurt. i don’t know how long it goes on. i accept and then i fight but with the position i must maintain the fighting is only internal. It hurts, suffocates me…the pain, the burning, the sound of flesh beating on flesh. my body contracts and twitches, wiggles and searches.i can’t keep control and without thought i hold my breath striving for it.Master stops within seconds immediately knowing my tactic for i suddenly stop fighting. He rubs my back and commands me to breath. i can’t, i don’t have control. He leans over to the side and grabs the chain attached to the nipple clamps and tugs hard. Pain now exxplodes from my breats changing the tide of power. i hear a hot whispering voice in my ear…”Breath” i take a deep breath and He releases the chain. The pain in my breasts abates some but is still intense.

“you will accept the pain. you will not hold your breath or try to keep control. I have all the control. Do you understand?”

It is like i am inside a shell, a room i don’t want to come out of. i am unfeeling here, safe from emotions. i struggle and finally i am able to nod. i am bretahing hard although i still hold my breath each time for a second. Master allows this as long as i keep breathing.

Suddenly the spanking resumes. Around my butt, the flesh above, the sweet meat below, the proud glutimous maximous. The hand on my back digs into my flesh as the other hand beats me to a bright red. His hand meets my flesh with force, a bright stinging burning pain dives into my soul and the re-emerges as hot spreading pain. The burning overwhelms me, the pain overcomes me. It meets in the middle absorbing me. It’s all i am, it’s inside me, outside me. i am crying and whimpering. i wiggle trying to get away from the pain. i only succeed in tugging the nipple clamps ,adding to my pain and suffering.i am crying and pleading, begging. i want more. i want to accept all that Master wants to give me. i am His.

He stops spanking me. i sigh in relief thinking it is over. i am wrong. “Uncross your legs and spread them wide.” Through sniffles and a fog i obey, my muscles hurt and i think the clamps have ripped my nipples off or at least it feels like it has. Two fingers slip inside me and remove the Ben-Wa balls. i am wet, dripping, hot with desire. A cold object is then inserted into me, my mind centers on it. The vibrations start low and then increase until my entire body humms, an egg. “Cross your legs again.” i obey immediately, the vibrations intensify. Master starts again beating my ass, spanking hard and swiftly. He enjoys His toil and prolongs it with an expertese He has come to use as second nature. The spanks are hard, moving, intense. The egg vibrates and humms inside me, moving and flowing with the pain. It doesn’t take long for me to get back to where i was again, a crying body of emotional mush. The egg vibrations have added an extra problem, my desire builds, climbs with the pain, aiding the pain, becoming the pain as the pain becomes the pleasure.

i am begging, pleading. Tears are rolling down my face unnoticed by me, i hear a voice crying out their need. It is mine. i don’t know what i want, i just want it. It’s release…i want to be free. Master beats me harder and faster….emotions building into volcanic force and He yells in my ear “Cum NOW!” my body obeys before my mind undertands the words. At the same time He takes the nipple chain and tugs the clamps off. More pain, more pleasure. my body floats, explodes.

i am free, i am His

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