Older Poems


Older Poems

by ally sin

Time never stops
Space never ends
Continually going on
Forever and ever more

And while time goes on
I tag along
Unable to stop
To save a moment

The mind can trick time
It can keep a moment
Nicely kept inside
To be remembered again

But thoughts fade away
As time wins again
Turning memories into ashes
They’re blown away

Time never stops turning
As space never ends
Memories try to fight it
But time always wins

Light Beams

Light beams glitter and gleam
They shimmer and sheen
Traveling forever
Coming from nowhere
Appearing on objects in the way
Light beams are, yet are never

Clouds float by
free as the wind
Roaming the great sky
Like water in the sea
They are truely free
I am like the clouds
With my head in the sky
High on life, walking in freedom
I choose my own way
With nothing to hinder me
It is my right to find my own way
And to this right I tip my hat
For without it I couldn’t be
I am free as a bird, as high as the clouds

The sea is like life
It waves and furries everything about
It creates tidal waves and floods
Sickness soon to be found
The water hunts them like a hound
The sea is not fooling around
Then all is calm
All is forgotten
Nothing is learned
Nothing is remembered
Just like a closing door

unhappy joy
a struggle to get out
enclosed unwantedly
built up emotions
trying to emerge
mixed feelings of sorry and joy
welcome weakness

The aisle is long and narrow
With spacious stalls lining both sides
Flying through the air are sparrow
Reaching for nests far above
Dust floats through space
On ships of wandering lace
Seen only in sunbeams
Pulsating through cracks, windows, and doors
The worn wood creaks and leans
Under each foot, hoof, or paw
Hay is dropped from above
Shaking adrift more dust
The clip clop of horses
The meow of cats, the bark of dogs
The chirp of sparrows
The squeek of a rusty wheelbarrow
The smell of leather, horses, hay, and manure
The smoothly worn wood of ledges and doors
The unevenness of the floor boards
Stables have a character of their own

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