Night of TV


Night Of TV

by ally sin

The house was quiet. The kids gone for the weekend, the dogs outside, and the world seemed a long way away. They lived out in the country, the night noises coming through the open window along with a cool night breeze in the waning light of dusk. The sofa one wall in the family room faced a large screen TV attesting to their love or movies. A large chair next to the sofa completed the setting. It was a warm and friendly room in an old house complete with high ceilings.

Robert sat relaxing on the sofa, arm outstretched pointing a remote at the TV flipping through the channels, a steady stream of 5 second station clips flew past the screen. Finally Robert picked the channel that interested Him the most, The Rock. Leaning back with a smug smile on His face Robert partially watched the TV and partially watched the door leading to the kitchen. Soon His perseverence paid off as Judy walked into the room with 2 glasses of tea. She smiled suggestively, walking slowly toward the sofa.

“Here You are sweetie” Judy said handing Him His glass. Their fingers touched momentarilly, the energy surging between them making her lightheaded, her breath catching almost impreceptably. Rober took the glass smiling to Himself because He did notice. They had only know each other a mere six months but it was as if they had waited their entire lives. It had started slowly, Judy being skittish and insecure; Robert guiding her, waiting, narrowing her onto the path He desired. It had taken a while but both Master and slave couldn’t be any happier.

Judy turned and started sitting but Robert stopped her decent pointing at the floor by her feet. A small red blush crept up her face as Judy lowered herself to His feet, resting against the sofa. His hand absently played with her long brown hair pulled into a pony tail. Wrapping is around his hand and grasping it tight, then letting it fall down her back again. They sipped their tea as the movie played. “Take off your shirt” He said as He absently patted her hair. Judy set her tea down and lifted the bottom of her shirt over her head. The air felt good on her bare and ample breasts. She could feel the nipples tighten as a surge of desire swept through her body. It made her shiver as it electrified her body down her spine , expanding around her pussy, and continued to her toes. Resting back against the sofa Robert continued to play with her hair, running His hand along her neck and face. Soon a commercial came on and Robert set His tea down. “Over my lap” was all He needed to say and Judy slipped gracefully over His legs, Her shorts the only clothing she had on. Robert rubbed her sweet ass with His hand before spanking the right cheek. He rubbed some more and this time spanked the left checck. He continued the cycle in a liesurely fashion. Increasing the force gradually, Judy’s breath becoming more ragged as the heat rose higher and higher, the tingling becoming more intense after His hand decended in blessed pain. Too soon the commercials ended. Judy started to slip off Robert’s lap but His hand prevented her. She looked over her shoulder at Him with a question in her eyes. Robert smiles running His hand down the side of her face “Take the shorts off too”.

A naked Judy resumed her spot a bit more gingerly than the first time. She leaned more against His leg as they both watched the movie. Of course they had seen it numerous times but still loved it. He was a movie junkie, she loved movies too but more she loved Robert and pleasing Hiim. Before she knew it another set of commercials came on.

Robert again directed Judy over His lap, this time her bare ass facing up. He smiled in a moment of pure heaven. He had come to adore this ass, the way it tightened for seconds anticipating His hand decending and then relaxed knowing His hand wouldn’t strike until she relaxed. The wear and tear on His hand less and the energy into her flesh more intense for her. Rubbing the already slightly pinkened cheeks He suddenly raised His hand and reconnected to her flesh with a hearty smack producing a soft grunt from Judy. He could smell her wetness as His hand repeatedly connected. Her flesh reddenned, leaving His hand print in white for a few milliseconds before He rubbed it into her flesh. Judy now gasped louder, higher pitched, her breathing ragged. All too soon the commercials ended producing a sigh this time from Robert. Rubbing her butt with one hand His other hand reached under the pillows off to His side and extracted a small plug. Holding her down with His elbows He lubed the plug and spread her cheeks working the plug over her brown nub He felt her tense and smiled even wider. Pulling her ass apart a little more He worked it in and out, pushing a little harder each time, gaining entery into her ass a tad more each time. Rubbing the small of her back He encouraged her ” Okay, relax….take the plug. I want you to take it, relax more, relax even more. That’s my girl.” The plug finally slipped home with a loud moan from Judy just as the movie resumed again. Judy slipped back to her spot even more gingerly this time.

Robert seemed to be engrossed in the movie yet at the same time His hands unerringly found her nipples and pulled hard. Judy drifted mentally and Robert would pull her back. Before she knew it the commercials were running again. One more time Judy found herself face down on Robert’s lap. His hand spent less time rubbing and more time spanking. Her redness excited Him. The plug produced more intense feelings now inside her as well as outside. Her head more into being owned, belonging, a slave. Robert could almost see the power rushing in great tidal waves between them. Before Judy went completely into subspace Robert stopped spanking…His hands never leaving her body as He rubbed her legs and ass, then up her back. “Flip over” He said. Judy was unsure but responded quickly…Her ass now against His legs, her chest rising and falling quickly in short deep gasps. Robert massaged her tits, pinching her nipples between His fingers and lifting making Judy’s back arch and a deep moan escaped her mouth. His other hand starts to massage the apex of her legs. First with a flat hand and then seperating the lips of her pussy and tapping her clit. Judy’s body spammed immediately in an intense orgasm, Robert continued rubbing the clit, making Judy orgasm time and tme again. After 3 or 4 orgasms He allowed her to return to Earth taking advantage of her relaxed body to insert the eggs into her pussy He had hidden under the pillow. Judy barely tensed as she felt the eggs inserted. The commercials had been over for a few minutes when Judy finally slipped to the floor again, but this time Robert guided her between His legs.

As the movie continued Robert wrapped His arms around her shoulders and kissed the top of her head. Of course it was accidental when His hands pinched her nipples hard…and the fact He kept turning the control to the eggs up slowly and steadily was not His fault either. Soon the commercials returned.

Again Judy found herself upside down over Robert’s lap. He spent little time in prespanking but turned the egg on high and proceeded to spank her ass , working his way down to spanking her legs along with the inside of her legs. Pushing her legs apart more he spanked between her legs, knowing He was hitting her clit. Judy could barely stay on His lap. The pain consumed her, the pleasure bouyed her making her float on the pain. Her flesh was alive and intensified the spanks. The humming inside her making the sting from the spanks resonate more than normal. As Judy got to the brink of her pain limit Robert changed and fingered her clit again. Judy’s moans changed from short and high pitched to low and long as the orgasms racked her boody again. The commercials of course had already finished when Judy was lowered again to the floor but this time Robert had her sitting on His foot. He tapped his foot every few minutes triggering the plug in her ass to send spasms up her spine along with the increased vibrations of the egg. Judy grasped the coffee table in front of her for support. Short gasps escaped from her red lips, lips that remained in an O as more pleasure racked her body.

Time lost meaning to Judy as she felt waves after waves of pleasure and pain crash into her body and brain. Suddenly she felt Robert’s hand grasp her upper arm as He lifted her as He stood. Grasping both her wrists in one hand Robert led her over to the chair and bent her over the arm…her ass in a Vee to His gaze. He took a few precious moments to admire the view while running a hand over the still hot flesh. The tissue jumped involuntarrily making Him smile. Pulling the egg from her pussy rapidly and He plunged His cock into her pussy. A gasping moan again came from her now perced lips. Robert grasped Judy’s hair and pounded her pussy time and time again, His hand holding her hair forcing her to arch her back. The flesh slapped in a loud juicy sound. “Oh, you are so sweet Judy. You are mine and will always be mine. This ass is mine, this pussy is mine, and your body is mine.” Judy responed in a loud moan as another orgasm grabbed her body from head to toe. Robert stopped pumping and grabbed the plug, pulling it from her body as the orgasm worked it’s way up her body. Grabbing the lube from the sofa Robert greased her crack liberally and His cock. Judy still panted out the orgams as Robert slipped into her ass, the muscles already stretched slightly from the plug, the flesh still engorged. The pain sent Judy cascading into yet another orgasm as Robert started to pump in and out or her ass. He grabbed her hips and bounced her aginst His hard baody, watching His cock bury itself into her taboo and forbidden spot. He spanked her hard as He continued to pump, His hand hitting her along her outer thigh. “Come one last time for me slave…one more time” Judy grunted from the invasion and moaned long and low….she tightened her sphincter muscles, the pain pushing her over the edge, her pussy and ass clutching in and out, a shudder bounding inside her as she felt His cock expand even bigger sending Robert over the edge. His hand grasped her hips deeply as He grunted out His satisfaction, His juices spurting deep into her rectum.

Pulling out of her he cleaned off His cock with a nearby towel before cleaning Judy. He lifted her up gently and lovingly, hugging her to His chest knowing He had finally found His true heart’s love. She fulfilled Him so completely and she found her heart’s core in Him. He sat back down on the sofa to watch the end of the movie. This time Judy was nestled close to His side, His hand still petting her long hair He loved so dearly. And maybe once or twice He couldn’t help rolling a nipple or two between His fingers.

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