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New Poems

by ally sin



Lost and Found

weak and timid
scared and alone
I was forlorn
You took my hand
You touched my heart
I pray we never part
Thinking of You, my soul soars higher
Thinking of You, my heart beats faster
I am your slave, You are my Master


Here’s a fun poem I wrote at work…they got tired of me harassing everyone. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it!

The Filly

A lover, a teaser
You’ll know when you see her
A brat to the Nth degree
She loves to work pranks
Bet you think the next rhyme is “spanks”
Better not try to second guess me
Try as I might
I’m nothing more than a sprite
Hiding from the world behind a nearby tree
You may see me around
In N.C. I can be found
Laying tricks to torment the worthy
I pinch and I grope
There’s really not much hope
I’ll ever be a good subbie
Don’t ask me to serve
It would take some nerve
Unless a good catcher you be
For all of my charm
None do I really harm
A step ahead of the Stallion I flee
Out the door I do run
It’s so much more fun
To be a masterbrat, THE FILLY!


Can You See?

Many things I have to hide
A world I live in these things cannot abide
Selectively showing only a shell
Taking no chances, living a hell
Each must make their own peace
Reaching their own beliefs

Some may say I live a lie
Looking for answers, words to live by
Aching to shout my feelings far and wide
Visually cringing for I know I must hide
Ever knowing my secret safe only inside

But for the precious that know
Daring to struggle against society’s flow
Seeking fulfillment Melancholy contentment


The Maze

i opened my eyes
Beholding a sight
i stifled my cries
my urge for flight

A maze, so many ways
Twisting and turning
Going for days
my heart starts burning

Sidetracks, doublebacks
False leads, wrong ways
Dead ends, turns lack
Turn around, run away

Gasping for breath i ponder
Fighting for wisdom to know
To stay or to wander
Searching high and low

He emerged from nowhere
Coming as if He knew
Lifting me with care
Showing me a love so true

He is my guiding light
my heart , body, mind , and soul
He showed the way right
Guiding me as a newborn foal
Nov ’98



Higher and higher reaching the stars
Light as a feather as if a dove
My heart is unfettered speeding past Mars
Riding on wings my Master’s Love
Dec 98


This is dedicated to my RL husband who is trying very hard to accept my online life. He means more to me than anything and is my primary relationship.

To My Love

You’ve been my life, my heart
Our lives we could chart

But as time has a way
Just as April becomes May

I awoke and found myself a slave
Not the way you wish me to behave

I do not love you like before
Each day I love you so very much more

You fear I will leave for another
But I am your friend, wife, and lover

It is true there is more to me
Things that finally came free

But be secure in one basic fact
My love for you will never lack

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