Naked Service


Naked Service

by ally sin 7/13/07

The week long party had just begun. Or at least it had for me. I arrived Friday morning and settled in to the room I shared with two other slaves. I knew maybe four people there. But I love meeting people and this weekend I was in formal service to the house. Mainly helping out to make everyone’s visit the best I can make it for them. Maybe cleaning up after meals, straightening rooms, making sure bathrooms are clean, and other jobs. I know they aren’t the most glamorous chores but they are some of the most important to a successful event. I am a service sub and thrive on being of help to people.

I had changed into one of my subbie outfits I love so much. It’s a belly dance skirt with a hip scarf of coins that jingle softly as I walked. I had recently made a matching vest to cover my top. I preferred to go topless but I may be needed outside and I didn’t want to have to run to my room to find something to cover up with. At the moment I was walking through the rooms occupied by some guests picking up trash, empty glasses, and overall straightening. As inconspicuously as possible I went about my job of straightening trying not to disturb the Doms and Dommies sitting in the room talking. Mainly I was trying not to be noticed by Rob, a Dom I had to come to known fairly well and played with a few times. He had discovered he could demand anything of me and I would obey. (A nasty habit of mine I was trying to loose.) He was as passionate about whips as I was except he liked to throw whips and I liked to have whips thrown at me. It worked for us. Sitting on the sofa was an older female Dommie deep in discussion with Rob. I had met her when I arrived but her name slipped my mind. She had come across to me as very keen and intelligent. I liked her.

I was almost through the room and approaching the door, I could almost taste the victory of getting through unscathed to the freedom of another room. That taste stuck in my throat when Rob ordered me to stop. I immediately stopped and rolled my eyes upward. Oh please, please,please I begged of fate. Let it be something small. I had just gotten there. “Come here” Lowering my eyes I turned and stood before his chair, my arms holding a small amount of trash and empty cups “yes Sir?”

Rob looked me up and down, never giving a clue what would come next. The man had a rare knack of reading me yet I couldn’t figure out what he would do next. It occurred to me this trait of his was very annoying and was becoming more annoying by the moment. “You’re wearing too much. Get naked” I could feel my entire body tense up as my stomach flipped over a few times. Okay, we can do get naked. But where is this leading me? It took 3 seconds for me to realize I had best start disrobing and stop wondering what was next. I would find out soon enough , most times far sooner than I wanted. Placing the items from my hands to the coffee table, I was naked in short order, my clothes laid in a pile next to him. I stood before him without a stitch on, arms behind my back. Not that I think this is a stance I should be in, I just didn’t have anywhere to put my hands anymore. I certainly didn’t want them in front of me which lends to automatically crossing the arms. A definite no-no..

Waiting for the next order of bend over, turn around, kneel, or one of a number of commands my head was spitting out like an old time teletype machine.”okay, get back to work. No clothes until I say so” And I thought I couldn’t droop more inside? OMG! with a slight bow of the head I turned , picked up the trash and started walking for the door. I was once again trying to head for safety of another room. Just steps from the doorway a female voice broke the silence. “Will she remain naked until you say so?” I took another step before Rob’s voice stopped me. “Tell her” he said. I returned to stand in front of the Dommie this time and explained I would stay naked until allowed to wear clothes unless I needed to get dressed due to my service to the house or if the Master of the house told me to get dressed. Those were the only two that took precedence over Rob’s order. I glanced at the Dommie and she nodded her acceptance of my words. I got a nod of approval to leave from Rob and headed back to the closest opening out of that room. I was determined to make it to some form of freedom.

“May I ask why she doesn’t seem happy about being naked?” she asked. I thought pleading for forgiveness was the best bet and kept heading for the door hoping they would think I didn’t hear the question. “STOP” Rob ordered. Once again I hadn’t quite made it to the threshold. Turning around I went back to them and stood before them. “Tell her why you are naked” A hundred smart answers flew through my head. Oh what I would have given to say just one of them. Instead I said “Because Rob wishes me to be naked” Well, maybe it was a semi smart assed remark. Rob looked up at me with that look that said I was SO looking for trouble. “Try again” I shuddered inside, I didn’t want to go down this path. I was starting to have trouble breathing and thinking. They were expecting another answer and I had to come up with one they would believe and accept. First I had to discover how to put a sentence together again. “Because Rob likes naked females” “Wrong again” Rob said as he stood up and took the items from my hands, placing them on the table. This did not bode well for me.

Taking my arm he stood me in the middle of the room facing the Dommie. Grabbing a wooden chair from the corner of the room he placed himself between me and the Dommie while letting her have full view of me. “Hands on head” I widened my feet as I placed my hands on my head to brace myself. Rob sat in the chair, pulling signal whips from pockets . Like I didn’t know the man packs at least 2, if not more, whips on him at all times during these events? I should have my head examined! Rob started swinging the whip slowly, grazing my stomach. The timing and force of the hits increased quickly and steadily, my thighs, stomach and tits were turning red and stinging. Nonchalantly ,like he wasn’t whipping me, Rob asked “You going to tell her?” Talking was quickly starting to become difficult for me. I tried to think what to say. ” You wanted me naked ” The force of the whip increased 2-3 notches making me gasp. “Nope, you tried that before. Wrong. Try again.” The stripes on me felt like fire. I had closed my eyes when Rob pulled out his whips. It’s how I prefer to be whipped, I can concentrate on controlling the pain. Now I had to think, I couldn’t focus, I couldn’t control the pain from getting to my mind. At the same time I had to think. The whipping went up a notch. I knew I couldn’t last much longer. “You going to tell her?” Rob asked.

The rhythm of the hits started to get faster as the pain increased. My breath was being forced in and out of my lungs as I battled for control. I stood with my chin up as Rob preferred me to stand but it was hard to remain that way. My legs had started to feel weak and my mind was slowing down, bogged by the pain attempting to over rule everything. My body felt on fire, the air felt cold and light.

The only path left to me was the one I was avoiding, the one I didn’t want to go down and was afraid to even glance at. My choices were fast being taken from me. “I…..hate……being…naked” I panted. The words pushed from my lungs like a bellows. The whip suddenly stopped as I stood there trembling, my arms still on my head but wrapped around my head more than on. I heard Rob stand up and come over to me. He whispered in my ear, “Good girl. But that was only half the answer. Since your front is done, let’s get the rest of the answer from your back”

Before I could prepare myself Rob was settled behind me on his chair taking up the same intensity but this time on my back. “Tell her why ally” My body was tightening up as I fought the pain. My front was burning and my back was now on fire. “tell her” I heard again. The whips kept going. harder and harder. “Better tell her” Words and breathing were fast approaching impossible for me. I had no choice. “I….hate….my…body…..” I gasped for breath between each word, the struggle to say them costing me so much energy and control. “Tell her it all, why I want you naked” Rob brought the whips across my lower back hard and fast, forcing me to take that final step to admitting what I would rather turn from. “Because….I…am…not…as…fat…and…ugly….as…I..think…I …am” I was done. I had no more in me, No more thoughts to say and no more breath. My mind was on the verge collapse, a retreat into itself, to a temporary sanctuary. My arms tightened and pushed against each other. My breathing non-existent. The whip had stopped but my control was hanging by a thread if I even had it any more. I pushed the air with my rigid arms, fighting an unseen foe, myself. A hand was placed firmly on my chest. A connection, a portal for the energy swirling inside me. I pushed the energy out through that comforting hand and then drew energy back into myself. My breathing had returned. Deep and slow. Blowing the pain out through my mouth. As I returned to normal the hand on my chest was replaced by a loving embrace. My body started to relax some, my breathing , although still trembling, was becoming more normal.

I opened my eyes finally, seeing Rob’s face directly in front of me. He was smiling at me. All I could think of as I made him sweat again and wishing I had something to wipe the sweat off his brow. “You okay?” He asked. I nodded and wiped the tears from my face. I was quickly returning to normal. I gave Rob a smile to prove I was okay. He nodded and gave me another hug. Stepping back he looked me over and told me to get the wipes and ointment off the table. I did and brought them back. As he cleaned off the small cuts on me and dabbed the neosporin on them, we joked about him buying the stuff by the case. The Dommie watched us without saying a word until I started picking up the trash again to resume my duties.

I started walking toward the doorway to escape now for the third time and third times are a charm, right? Or was this the fourth time? Who said I don’t pray? My heart almost stopped when I heard her ask “Is that all her after care? Doesn’t she need a blanket or down time?” I sighed and stopped in my track waiting for the order to return. Hell, there wasn’t much space to whip me now, what could I lose? This time Rob explained for me. “Nope. Only when I fuck with her mind will she need after care. She knows if she has problems she WILL come to me or find someone else. Right ally?” I nodded my head and agreed with him. I would rather not think about the night I didn’t find someone. Maybe one day I will live down my decision to deal with some bad reactions alone.. “Get back to work ally” He told me. I didn’t need a second order on that as my feet finally made it over the doorway. Heading toward the kitchen I did catch Rob’s last words, “Yup , she’s our amazing masochist” I smiled as I continued off on my work. It was going to be one damned fine weekend I think.

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