My Rules


My Rules

by ally sin, revised 9/14/2004
Re-revised 6/20/2013

I wrote these a long time ago when I considered myself more slave than sub. I think I read too many books, etc. I wanted to be the ultimate slave. I now am more grounded and don’t use these rules. I will leave them for others because they can be a starting point for some. For now I am collared to Ed Moore, a gay male. He has few rules for me. Be good, be honest, don’t lie, and respect him and myself. I can live with that.

I found this writing interesting. I can’t truthfully say that I can easily follow these rules. Some I can without trying very hard, others I will fight to keep day after day. But they represent what I feel is expected of me.

1) I will honor and obey my Master. I will show repect in thought and deed.

2)I will listen attentively and never interrupt when my Master speaks to me.

3)I will complete all assignments in their allotted time but I will do so in a complete manner, never rushing to complete, but trying to learn.

4)I will love and cherish my Master’s tools (toys) for they are an extension of Him. This includes items used for punishment, discipline, and pain.

5) I may tease my Master but in so doing I realize the risk I take of stepping over the line. I will expect to be punished or disciplined for such.

6)I will perform any tasks my Master gives me on a daily basis. my Master knows that sometimes I cannot due to RL family and I will not be held accountable for those times . But I will not use this excuse as a way to get out of doing the task if I can do it.

7)I consider it an honor and privilege to please my Master sexually and will do so to the best of my abilities.

8)My Master may punish and/or discipline me as He wishes. He may do this with or without cause.

9)I will keep myself clean at all times.

10) ((CHANGE)) I will not be intimate or play with others without permission. ((OLD))I may not touch myself or others in a sexual manner without prior permission. This includes cyber. When I am allowed to touch myself I will think only of my Master. ((Explanation- I thought this just needed updating. I don’t cyber at all anymore and have such a hard time pleasuring myself I didn’t think it was worthy of comment.))

11) ((CHANGE)) Master has the power to control my orgasms or if I am to have them at all. ((OLD))I will cum only with permission from my Master(RL excluded). Even in RL I will mentally ask for permission to cum prior to doing so. I will always thank my Master for allowing me this privilege. ((Explanation- This seemed more like me forcing Him to control my orgasms, like I was denying myself without permission and making Him tell me to have them. From this perspective I saw it as topping from the bottom. A better way to state it was He had the power to do that if He chose but in the mean time I had no restriction.))

12)I will not talk or talkback to my Master in a disrespectful manner. (another toughie for me to follow being a tease and a brat)

13)When directed I will explain or expand on an idea or thought which I had not stated correctly and/or fully.

14)I will continue to learn from my Master and pass that knowledge onto other subs/slaves to help them on their journey.

15)When my Master is with me, I will not wear underwear. I will wear clothes that allow easy access to my pussy, ass, and breasts. My clothes will be chosen to please Him.

16)When I am confused I will ask my Master for guidance in a respectful manner. I will listen attentively and apply myself as He directs.

17)I will never fear my Master or anything He does to me for I trust Him completely.

18)I will not be jealous of others that serve my Master knowing they wish to please Him as I do. my Master’s pleasure is our most important goal.

19)I will not hesitate in obeying my Master.

20)I may ask for reassurance when unsure but I know His decision to give that to me or not is ultimately up to Him.

21)I am but my Trainer’s toy and will make myself available to Him as often as I can. I will rearrange my RL as much as possible to this effect.

22)((NEW))I will great Master when He returns home in the style He finds most pleasing. ((OLD))I will act and position myself as my Master specifies when we meet. I will remain that way until otherwise told. If nothing is specified I may act on my own within these rules always seeking to please my Master.((Explanation- the old just seemed a bit too overboard. The new was more realistic to real living))

23)I will perform any acts with whomever my Master deems fit to give me to with enthusiasm. Clarification– This does not mean the Dom HAS to give the sub to Another. It is His right to give her or not. It will be the Dom’s choice, not the sub’s choice. It is also not meant to be totally sexual in nature. It could be for the sub to experience something the Dom isn’t comfortable performing, such as a piercing or a tattoo.

24)I will always be aware of my Master and actively seek ways to please Him to the best of my abilities.

25)I shall never defy my Master. The word “no” will not be used in reference to a command or direction from Him.

26)My Master’s thoughts and views are the only ones that shall matter to me. All others are inconsequential unless my Master states otherwise.

27)My Master is always right.(rolls eyes)((Clarification…this one is a joke!!))

28)I may use my safeword except when being punished. The activity may resume after a discussion at the discretion of my Master. (also read my views on safewords as a whole)

29)I will not with hold any part of me from my Master, physical or mental.

30)I will always seek ways to improve myself mind and body to better serve my Master.

31)I will willingly endure whatever my Master wishes to do to me in the hopes of pleasing Him. I will endure in silence or vocally depending on what my Master desires.

32)I will never say or do anything to cause unnecessary worry for my Master. His happiness and peace of mind are paramount to me.

33)I will inform my Master if I break any rules. The voluntary telling of my transgression does not preclude punishment or discipline. This is solely up to my Master. I can expect harsher penalties if I break a rule, don’t tell, and it is found out.

34)I will never question my Master. I may ask for the purpose of a certain task respectfully but I am aware my Master may or may not choose to tell me.

35)I will inform my Master when something is bothering me.

36)I will never touch my Master’s Harley unless given permission. (When I wrote these rules I was with an online Dom that had a Harley, I thought He would find it amusing to read this rule and He did. But if you take it a step further it really means that what ever my Master cherishes, I will also cherish and protect. )

37)I will never consciously struggle against my Master in mind or body.

38)I will accept who and what my Master makes me. I will be the best at that as I can, always trying to please Him.

39)My Master can change, add, or delete from these rules as He wishes. It is my responsibility to learn all the rules and will be held accountable for them. I know these rules are not set in stone and my Master may modify them as the situation warrants.

40)I will answer my Master honestly and openly when questioned as quickly as I can. Nothing is off limits to Him.

41)I will remove my clothes as my Master directs no matter who is present, trusting Him completely.

42)I will behave in a manner to bring honor to my Master at all times.

43) When speaking to Master, I should be in the same room, facing him, and speak clearly.

44) I will start eating after Master although He can give permission to start without Him. (It is preferable to wait for Him even then)(( not sure this rule belongs since I now view it as more a matter of etiquette than a rule))

45) Whenever I get up to get something, I will ask Master if He desires anything. ((Again, a matter of being polite and of ettiquette than a hard rule))

46)Life will be in low protocol unless Master raises it to medium or high protocol. He will inform me of when this happens. He also may lower protocol when He wishes to.

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