Going to the Movies

by ally sin Nov 2002

Eve sat next to David in the middle of the half empty movie theater, watching Him out of the corner of her eye and partially watching the previews on the screen. She really liked Him and hoped they would be able to start a more intimate relationship soon. It had been months of emailing before they met and then it was many tiems of sitting across from Him sipping coffee and talking, walking in the park, and then a few dinners together. She had found herself drawn to David from the first time they met. Each time they got together, she felt herself drawn deeper and deeper into Him.

Eve sat back in her chair inhaling deep of His scent. She would love to know what scent He used so she could buy a small bottle to smell it every time she needed to feel Him near her. His strong jaw line with the faint hint of an afternoon shadow only hinted at the Master she had come to know in Him. Snuggling closer to Him, the warmth of His body flowing into her shoulder.

David wrapped His arm around Eve as she leaned into Him. He knew she had gone quiet thinking of Him. He liked that, He wanted to be on her mind, to have her aroused for Him, to be focused on Him on some level all the time. He leaned down and kissed the top of her head. Her murmur of contentment was more than He had hoped for. It was time for the next step as a huge smile spread across His face. Eve needed to be tested on a small level, to see if her draw to Him was more than surface attraction, to see how she would react to Him.

Reaching into His pocket David drew out a remote controlled egg. He rolled it around in His palm for a few seconds, feeling more than a bit of envy for where the egg would soon be. Ah, to be that egg for a few hours. Drawing Eve closer with His arm around her shoulder, He raised His other hand with the egg in front of her. He thought about dragging it out but decided not to. “Go to the Ladie’s room and insert this. Come right back.”

Eve looked a little uncertain for a few seconds but quickly took the egg and excused herself. David watched as she sided her way out of the row of seats and head for the door. Let the games begin He thought.

Eve walked out the theater looking up and down the hallway for the restroom, the egg hidden in her palm. She could hear the movie starting, popcorn cracking away in the concession stand, and the greasy smell of hot butter. Eve turned and started down the hallway the short distance to the bathroom. Grateful no one was there she quickly entered a stall and closed the door with a click. Pulling up her skirt, she sat on the toilet now understanding why David told her not to wear panties. With ease she slipped the egg inside her pussy. The cold metal made her shiver as she pushed the object deeper inside herself. Eve closed her eyes and leaned back as she pulled her fingers out of her cunt and absently massaged her clit. A low moan escaped her lips , her head rolled back and her eyes closed as she rubbed harder imagining David’s hands there. Suddenly a huge vibration shook her inside, not her insides, her pussy. Eve sat straight up, eyes wide open with arms grabbing for the stall walls. She inhaled deeply, her stomach muscles contracting at the shock. Just as suddenly as it started, it stopped. Slamming her fist on her thigh and casting doubts on the parentage of the creator of the remote controlled egg ,Eve stood up and opened the stall door slowly fully expecting to see David. But she was alone in the bathroom. Obviously David thought she had been gone long enough. Washing her hands quickly she returned to the theater.

Walking down the isle Eve looked over to where she had been seated. The theater was dark with flashes of light from the movie, not enough to really help her see. Barely enough to show her the aisle. Uncertain, Eve stopped and looked to where she thought they had been sitting, she was sure that was the aisle. But the seats were empty, no David. Turning around showed her faces in the flashes of light entranced on the movie, hands caught midair to their face with popcorn and candy. No David. Eve started getting nervous, did He leave? Where was He?

Eve walked to the front of the seats looking right and left. Her heart was beating fast, her wild imagination jumping to all sorts of conclusions; He was gone, she wasn’t what He wanted, He had gotten bored, the list went on and on. Her head swiveling faster and faster. She stopped at the front row and turned around trying to find Him. Suddenly the buzzing inside her fluttered alife. Eve’s eyes opened wide as her hand covered her lower stomach. A huge smile crossed her face. He was there, she just had to find Him. Starting up the aisle, the fluttering became stronger. Eve looked left and right, where was He? She kept walking to the back and had almost gotten to the last row when she realized the fluttering had stopped. Turning around to face the screen again she thought it was no chance the vibrations had stopped. Eve started to walk toward the front again and was rewarded with the vibrations starting again low and deep. Inhaling deep she slowly walked a few more steps, the vibrations increased slightly. Glancing right and left she took a few more steps and was once again rewarded.

Eve took a few steps at a time, the vibrations kept increasing, her pussy getting wetter and wetter with each correct step. Through trial and error Eve found the position where to step forward or back would result in loss of vibrations. So now what? Looking to her left and right she still didn’t see David. Smiling she figured out how to find Him and get a few thrills to boot. Turning to the middle of the room she took one step , the vibrations stopped. Smmiling hugely she swiveled on her heel, a look of victory on her face, she faced the other direction and took a step. The egg vibrated slightly more. Where the hell was He? She sided her way down the row, appologizing to the people she had to slide by. The looks on their faces showing they heard the looud egg but didn’t know what was causing it. Eve had no intentions of explaining it. She still didn’t see Him but kept going, now concentrating more on the vibrations than in actually seeing David with her eyes. Without knowing how she got there, she found herself standing in front of David. The remote control in His hand and a laugh in His eyes. Eve chuckled and sat down next to Him to watch the end of the movie. David wrapped His arm around her shoulders, drawing her close to Him, kissing her head. Turning the egg on high and pocketing the control David turned His attention to Eve.

Placing a hand on her knee and slowly following her skin up under her skirt, David found her exceedingly wet pussy. He inhaled deeply her scent as He nuzzled her neck, tasting her flesh as He bit her lightly. In a few seconds He found her clit, engorged and pulsing. He circled it lightly with His fingertips, holding Eve so she couldn’t jump in reaction to His taking control of her body. He had never gone this far with her before and was thrilled she had followed her this well. David kept teasing and exciting her clit, holding her twitching body close to Him. Eve moaned softly, dieing a little more each time He took her to the edge and left her there. Why oh why wasn’t He letting her find satisfaction? Eve was becoming desperate, she wanted so much to find her orgasm. David’s strong arm held her imobile so she couldn’t twist away nor could she use her own hands to find satisfaction.

Without thought Eve turned her head and whispered softly in His ear, “Please Sir, please let me cum”. David’s heart grew even more in pride, here was a sub He could mold and turn into a slave He could be proud of. She had the intelligence to soar with her submission. David quickly manipulated her into an orgasm, swallowing her soft cries in a kiss. Even then David was sure more than one around them knew what was going on.

Sitting back in their seats, they watched what remained of the movie as Eve drifted back to Earth. David turned the egg off thinking the night was still young, and she still needed to find Him after the movie. Gave a whole new meaning to hide and seek.

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