Missy pulled up another weed by the roots grimacing in disgust. No matter how many times she weeded her garden the weeds always seemed to spring up overnight. Missy looked at her hands, dirt embedded under her nails and into her skin. Sighing she pushed a stray lock of hair out of her face leaving a smudge of dirt on her forehead. A hot breeze in the bright sunshine gave little relief to her sweaty skin, her skin itching already from the sweat, dirt and bug bites. Missy resumed her chore with renewed energy hoping to finish that section before she had to clean up. The weeds seemed to multiply in sarcastic fashion while missy pulled at their ranks in an endless war. She was covered in dirt from head to toe with pieces of plants sticking to her clothes. Missy knew she looked a fright, her stained blue jeans and baggy shirt showing the hours she spends working in the garden on her hands and knees.

Missy had met her Master many years ago. It had been love at first sight, her submission to Him complete and without question. They lived like any normal couple, nice two story brick house set in a large wooded lot in the suburbs. The mandatory two car garage set to the side of the house of course. The shrubs were trimmed neatly to complement the house, missy had also added small flowering plants around the yard to liven it up some. She was very proud of their house and spent a lot of time tending it to please her Master. Only a few knew their relationship as Master and slave but that suited missy and Lord Dark perfectly. So If most didn’t notice the extra dark shades on the windows, the frequent trips to the hardware store, the rings in the ceiling and floor at various locations for no apparent reason the better in their opinion. Missy giggles thinking what they would say if the neighbors knew about the extra insulation to deaden any noise coming from inside, the reinforced beams that had been added after they moved in, and delightful way they had remodeled the basement into their “play room”.

Time slipped by her unnoticed as she attacked the weeds. It had been hours since she had started weeding, her hands and knees now aching from the rocks and pebbles under them. Missy reached for the last weed and ripped it out of the ground in elation, the dirt clinging to the roots flying all around her. Rising to her knees she lifted both hands high in the air still clutching the last weed in triumphant victory. Throwing her head back and closing her eyes she shook the offending weed in the air screaming “I won! I won! I won! “.

“So I see” missy heard someone say. Missy’s heart skipped a beat as she muttered under her breath, “oh my god, what time is it?” Standing up trying to brush the dirt from her clothes, the smell of fresh dirt and broken plants clinging to her, she turned to face her Master sheepishly. Lord Dark stood there, arms crossed in front of Him,. He sported a trimmed beard that had started to turn gray on the edges giving Him a distinguished look , His deep green eyes blazed down at missy from His six foot frame. He wore His customary black outfit, His trademark. The black boots finished off the look . Many would say it was over kill, but Lord Dark was able to wear it comfortably and carried the look to perfection. Lord Dark looked at His watch replying “five-thirty”. Missy groaned, that was well past time she should have been ready to greet her Master on His arrival home. Time as usual had gotten away from her and she knew she wouldn’t be able to talk her way out of it.

Missy put her hands behind her back ( mainly to hide the terrible shape they were in ) and lowered her head in submission. “I got caught up in my work Sir. I lost track of time ” she offered in way of explanation. Missy wished with all her heart that she could wiggle her nose and become clean and presentable for Him. Her instinct to go to Him was automatic, to present her submission to Him each day. To please Him was her ultimate goal. But as she was, that was impossible and that hurt almost as much as His look of disapproval did.

Lord Dark looked down at missy knowing it was not the first nor the last time this would happen. He picked a stray plant out of her hair. Missy seemed to immerse herself in whatever she was doing , the rest of the world long forgotten. But the thought of disciplining her was too hard to resist (as if He really tried to resist!) She definitely needed to be cleaned up He thought. He paused in mid-thought, cleaned up, hmmmmmmmm. Lord Dark grinned wickedly causing missy to gulp loudly. She knew that look, she both delighted and feared it whenever Lord Dark had an idea. He crooked a finger at her to follow Him as He turned toward the house. Missy followed quickly still attempting to brush some of the dirt off herself wondering what would unfold tonight.

Lord Dark stopped at the outside spiket where the garden hose was attached. Turning on the water He picked up the nozzle testing the spray several times. The spray was wide and the water cold, just right in His opinion. Missy stood near Him watching, her natural curiosity outweighing any fear she may have. Lord Dark turned to missy and looked deep in her eyes, boring into her soul, demanding her submission and acceptance of what would transpire soon. His eyes robbed her will , she desired nothing more than to become one with Him, to be His , to know fulfillment at His hands. His aura encased missy leaving her helpless in its domination.

“you must be corrected missy, you must learn to keep track of time. My orders must be obeyed always, understand?” He asked. Missy bowed her head in shame, accepting His will as hers. “Yes Master” she whispered , bowing her head, her gaze downcast. Lord Dark nodded expecting no other answer from her. “Hold your arms out, you’re a dirty mess” He said. She held her arms out already guessing what would come next. The spray still shocked her system as it struck her fully in the chest, robbing her of breath, her body contracting in defense. The water was ice cold from the well and missy was already starting to shiver from the affect it was having on her system. Her clothes clung to her body like a second skin trapping the frigid water next to her skin. As the water was directed at various parts of her body missy took deep breaths to steady herself, the urge to wrap her arms around her body in defense was intense. When the water hit her full in the face missy almost choked as the water robbed her of the ability to breathe. She dared not move, yet she also needed air. She stood immobile trying to hold her breathe, her lungs burning from the lack of oxygen. Then just when missy felt she could stand it no longer, the water was turned off. She gulped in air as fast as she could, heaving a sigh of relief at the same time. Water ran down her body in little rivers and her lungs ached from their abuse. Glancing up at Lord Dark through her tangles of soaking hair she saw the knowing look in His eyes. Nothing her Master did was by accident.

Lord Dark had soaked missy from head to toe yet the dirt was still clinging to her stubbornly. Trails of water dripped down His slave’s body as she shivered from the cold water. Her nipples had become obvious in their erect reaction to the temperature. Lord Dark resisted the urge to tweek them and continued His appraisal of missy’s state. “I can’t get you clean like this. Take those filthy clothes off” He said. Missy cringed inwardly. They lived on a large wooded lot but the neighbors could still see them if they happened to glance into the yard. Missy raised a hand and wiped the water from her eyes trembling inside knowing she had no option. Lifting the sodden shirt over her head she dropped it beside her with a splat, the excess water spraying out. She then quickly removed the blue jeans adding them to the pile. Missy stood naked, wet, and still very dirty. The breeze that before had seemed so hot now only made her feel vulnerable and exposed. She apprehensively raised her eyes to Lord Dark awaiting His next command. Lord Dark was pleased missy had obeyed without question knowing the neighbors could see her naked .

Lord Dark grinned wickedly and once again raised the water hose. Missy shut her eyes and tried to steal herself against the water in anticipation. As the water hit her she sucked in her breathe taking shallow gasps against the frigid water. Lord Dark doused her once again from head to toe taking evil delight in giving extra attention to her breasts. Not that they were any dirtier than the rest of her, He just enjoyed doing it.

The whole time missy stood silently and steady. Lord Dark was her Master, she would and could endure anything for Him ( but damn this water was cold!) She shivered partially from the water, partially from the thought someone could be watching her standing naked, and partially from the heady feeling she always got when with her Master. Missy had no idea what Lord Dark planned for the evening but she smiled inwardly in anticipation, she would do anything for Him, deny Him nothing. More than anything she wanted to please her Master.

Missy opened her eyes when the water suddenly stopped and looked at Lord Dark still holding the hose, shaking His head. “This isn’t going to work. Go to my bath and wait for me in the shower” He ordered. Missy immediately turned and entered the house through the back door glad to be concealed from any casual observation. She quickly walked through the house to His bath, the air conditioned house making her teeth chatter, her feet making slapping noises on the floor from the water still dripping down her body.

Crossing the kitchen and down the hall, missy climbed the steps rapidly to the second floor. To the left was her room and the bathroom she used. To the right was Lord Dark’s private room and bathroom. Missy quickly turned right and entered His bedroom. The large bed occupied the far wall and made a very imposing impression when one initially entered the room. It was extremely masculine with bold lines, the post at the corners towered almost seven feet. Missy’s heart tugged looking at the bed remembering the many pleasurable times she had spent there with Lord Dark.

Missy rarely entered His bath, just to clean it for Him. Her bathroom was down the hall next to her room and that is the one she always used no matter what. Being allowed in to the Master’s private room was a privalege she didn’t take for granted. The shower was extremely large with earth tone tiles . Passing the sink she looked at her reflection in the mirror and emitted a load groan. She looked like a dirty drowned kitten. She tried to smooth back her tangled hair . Missy rolled her eyes admitting there was little hope of improving her appearance before her Master arrived and with a shrug of her shoulders she stepped into the shower.

Lord Dark entered the bath a short time later carrying an armful of items which He dumped on the countertop. Missy tried to look around her Master to get an idea what He had thought to bring but obviously Lord Dark had other ideas and blocked her view. Picking up a stiff brush He turned around to face missy, smiling. “Time to get you clean my pet” he said. Missy felt her heart stop. The brush was very rough looking and would scratch her skin mercilessly. She shivered not in dread so much as in anticipation and wanting.

“Hold out your hands” He said as He turned on the water directing the stream toward the wall so He could scrub His slave without getting too wet Himself. He had purposefully made the water very warm yet not hot enough to scald missy. The heat making a mist that swirled around them in moments. Lord Dark turned and looked at missy’s hands, the dirt and mud still embedded under her nails. Grimacing He soaped up the brush and proceeded to scrub her hands making certain to remove the grime. Her hands started turning bright red from His ministrations but missy never moved . Many times she sucked in her breathe from a particularly harsh scrape, but she never emitted a sound. The brush punished her skin but never broke the surface. Lord Dark had picked the brush well and was careful of His property, she was too valuable to damage. He finished and rinsed her hands with the shower massage. The heat of the water contrasted violently with the cold from the previous dousing sending little pins of pain shooting through her.

Returning the shower head to its place he told missy “Stay exactly like that”. Lord Dark then walked over to the pile of items and returned with a set of nylon cuffs with a long strand of webbing attached to them. Swiftly He attached the cuffs to her arms and then raised her arms over her head to tie the webbing to the hook in the ceiling. ( Yes, Lord Dark had convenient hooks placed through out the house ) He stepped back and admired His wet slave standing helpless and decided more restraints may be needed. Once again He returned to the pile of toys ,picked out some more items, and walked back to missy. This time He placed two clamps on her nipples. Using His foot to urge missy to widen her feet He reached down between her legs and stroked her clit to life. Missy closed her eyes and whimpered, heat flashed through her body as she responded automatically to His touch. Before she knew what He was doing Lord Dark had attached a clamp to her clit. Picking up the chain He had dropped at His feet He clipped the chain to the lower clamp, snapped the nipple clamps to it, and finally locked the chain to the hook above missy. The chain was shortened to make her stand straight ,almost on her toes. If she relaxed at all the chain pulled upon all three spots at the same time. Missy dared not move her legs closer to one another to relieve the pressure, the mere thought of any movement sent shafts of pain through her along with a sprinkling of desire. Lord Dark stood beside missy judging the tension in the restraints to be correct as He ran a hand down her side. Missy swayed away from the touch ( it tickled) and immediately opened her eyes wide as the chains pulled her back to her proper stance. Yup He thought, just right.

Lord Dark grabbed the bottle of shampoo had effeciently washed missy’s hair, making sure to scrub her scalp clean ,then rinsing the suds and dirt off her silky strands. He ran His hand over her hair enjoying the slick and soft feel of her freshly cleaned hair as it ran through His fingers . Lord Dark was mildly surprised how much He enjoyed this simple task. Missy stood immobile, the soap running down her body tickling her here and there on it’s way down and burning her eyes before she thought to close them. She seemed like a doll , unmoving and accepting. Her love for her Master bloomed wildly in her heart.

Shaking His head clear of it’s wandering thoughts He resumed cleaning His dirty slave. Scrubbing her with the stiff brush all over her body and rinsing her thoroughly. He considered using something softer on her breasts but used the stiff abrasive brush instead. Her flesh was turning a bright pinkish red all over missy, the sensitivity of her skin tripled from the brush making her tingle and burn at the same time. Lord Dark cleaned her from head to foot with the brush only using a cloth on her face. He scrubbed her back and butt, then He worked on her front including her belly and legs. Once in a while missy would jump from a particularly rough swipe of the brush but the chains and clamps immediately brought her back. Missy’s legs were starting to ache, the muscles cramping slightly. Missy started to use breathing exercises to control her body not wanting to disappoint her Master. Her mind had long since gone numb not thinking but reacting only to her Master, Lord Dark. She could detect His slightest movement , she could feel His presence and tried to draw strength from Him.

Lord Dark soaped up His hand and stood facing missy silently commanding her eyes to look at Him. Missy opened her eyes and lost herself in His gaze, feeling at once a part of Him yet agonizingly separate. He leisurely washed between her legs without breaking their locked gaze, jostling the clamp as often as He dared without sending missy into a climax. Lord Dark slipped a finger into her pussy finding her as hot and wet inside as she was on the outside. He grinned. Missy was very sensitive to Him right then and He was well aware of that fact. Standing back He took the shower massage and rinsed missy off one more time using the most forceful setting. Missy sputtered as the water hit her face, the jet of water pulling at the chains causing her to groan. She felt desire sweeping her top to bottom, the ability to think coherently long gone.

After a final rinse with cold water followed quickly with hot water one last time Lord Dark returned the shower head to its holder and slowly walked around missy inspecting her. He ran a hand appreciatively over her breasts and then down her spine to cup her nice ass. He pinched her butt making her jump slightly and pull on her chains. Lord Dark chuckled having gotten the reaction He desired.

Lord Dark moved over to the counter and the pile of items He had brought with Him. Picking up a bottle He filled it with very warm water and added a small drop of oil from a vial on the counter. Screwing the nozzle onto the bottle He returned to missy holding the douche watching her face as she saw what He had and intended to do. He knew it was more difficult in her present position to use the bag but He had no intention of letting her go yet. Missy whimpered softly and closed her eyes feeling the blush rise over her face. Her Master inserted the nozzle and emptied the liquid into her pussy, the fluid flowing out over His hands as fast as He emptied it into her. Missy’s eyes flew open as the oil reacted inside of her and she realized Lord Dark had added some oil of peppermint to the bottle. Unable to move or relieve the burning missy panted and moaned , begging Lord Dark to help her extinguish the fire inside her pussy from the oil. Lord Dark just smiled and slowly returned to the counter. After rinsing the bottle thoroughly He filled it with ice cold water this time and once again emptied the bag into missy’s pussy. Missy sigh of relief was short lived as the cold water made her muscles contract from the frigid water inside her. She drew in a breath and held it for as long as she could willing the cold away from her. It didn’t work but she at least could concentrate on something besides the pain of the clamps and the fire still inside her pussy.

Lord Dark tossed the bottle aside and released missy from her chains and bindings. Leaving her to recover from the lack of blood flow to her tender parts knowing the needles of pain as it returned was excruciating in its magnitude. missy massaged her arms and shoulders hoping her arms would return to normal soon. Her nipples and clit felt ten times their normal size if she judged them by the feelings they were sending to her brain. She felt reborn, renewed, pure. It was as if in the cleansing Lord Dark had taken away any imperfections she had. Missy was so consumed with these new feeling she had become unaware of what her Master was doing.

Lord Dark was standing next to missy and took her by the arm saying “Come here my pet”. A puzzled look came over missy’s face as she obeyed Lord Dark. She had no idea what was next, could not think of anything more He needed to clean. He stopped her in front of the sink countertop , standing behind her, and looked into her eyes in the reflection. Lord Dark’s eyes wandered down to the red nipples, His hand naturally moving in front of her to gently run His hand over the nipple while watching her. Missy closed her eyes, desire flashed inside her and ignited the already blazing passion deep within her core.

Chuckling Lord Dark removed His hand and pushed on missy’s back forcing her to bend over. “Stay exactly like that” He said. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Lord Dark pick up another bottle and groaned in the knowledge of what was to come. Lord Dark had already filled this bottle while missy was recovering from her bondage and was now gently pushing the lubricated nozzle against missy’s ass. Missy forced her body to relax . Usually He prepared her using a finger or two , but his time He wanted to finish cleaning His slave and pushed the nozzle inside her. He worked the tube up inside her stopping occasionally to allow missy time to relax her muscles after they involuntarily contracted. Missy had never liked enemas .On the rare occasions Lord Dark had done this to her she accepted it along with anything else He wanted to do to her. The cold metal inside her so intimately was like being invaded. Missy hung her head in concentration waiting for the flush of liquid from the bottle to enter her body.

Missy didn’t have long to wait as the hot water emptied into her bowels. Missy’s head shot up as she felt the now familiar burning of the peppermint oil. She gripped the counter with all her might and laid her head on the cold surface doing her best not to release the liquid. Her breathing became labored as she struggled for control. Her mind could barely register what Lord Dark was doing now.

Lord Dark in fact had removed the enema hose and was watching missy intently. The enema was rough on her and He wanted to make sure she could handle it. Running a hand over her back to monitor her breathing He let His fingers slip to her neck to take her pulse. She was doing much better than He expected and His pride in His slave grew. Picking up a kitchen timer He had brought with Him He set it and placed it out of missy’s view.

“When the timer goes off you may release the enema, not before.” He said. “I’ll be back five minutes after that” He walked out the door without a glance in her direction.

Missy clutched the counter top with her hands not daring to move least she be unable to hold the liquid inside her. She had no idea how long the timer was set and she knew Lord Dark had purposefully placed out of her sight. After what seemed forever but in reality was only two minutes the timer went off and missy could work her way over to the toilet to give into the pressure and burning inside her bowels. The burning was all consuming and only abated slightly after it had exited her body.

Exactly as He had promised, Lord Dark returned to find missy standing next to the sink, her head lowered and her arms loose at her sides. He knew the suffering inside her was intense and He quickly refilled the bottle to flush out the oil left inside her. Repeating the process a second time but this time with cold water Lord Dark again left missy with the timer and a warning of five minutes He would return. The cold water was just as bad if not worse inside her ass as it had been in her pussy. At least this time she had more of an idea how long the wait would be. As before the timer went off after two minutes. Missy worked her way over to the commode and released the fluid in a rush and a sigh of relief.

Cleaning her self up as fast as her abused body allowed her to missy was thankfully prepared when Lord Dark returned to the bathroom. This time missy was standing in the center of the room, her damp hair hanging down her back still dripping. She felt totally clean and fresh, even renewed. All dirt and filth had been removed by Him, her Master, her Life. The cleaning had gone more than skin deep, it had touched her soul allowing her to release any impurities that were there. She had obeyed her Master without question, had felt His hands all over her body in possession of His slave. Her body tingled inside and out from His ministrations. She felt more alive than ever before, more aware of her body and her submission to Lord Dark. More than ever she felt she belonged completely and totally to Lord Dark

Lord Dark stood just inside the door and watched the emotions flow across missy’s face. He was as tuned to her as she was to Him if not more so. She was His, His to protect, cherish, and use as He wished. He had never loved her more, His precious slave.

Lord Dark walked to stand in front of missy staring down at her. He tilted her face up to meet His gaze and smiled seeing the love and devotion reflected in her eyes. Lord Dark bent down and gently kissed her, hugging her to Him. He whispered in her ear “Maybe I should buy you a watch so you can tell what time it is.” They both chuckled as He pushed her towards the bed for more delights in the night.

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