Keeping a journal


One big piece of advice I can offer is to start a journal. I’ve been writing in mine on a daily basis now for almost 2 months. It helps your Master to know what is going through your head…….they can’t read minds even though at times it seems that way! The journal should be available to Him at all times. Since my Master couldn’t have access to mine in RL, I started one on the web for him to read. It is accessed through an addy only He knows. I found it at times hard to write about some things, fearing He will take offense. But I was wrong, SirStallion has been able to find some of my issues and has helped me deal with them. As long as I am honest in my writings, I feel free to write about anything.

Making an on line diary isn’t hard, but you will have to know or learn some HTML.
1) You have to have a web site…..there are a lot of sites that give you free personal pages. You may have some with your server. Find out before you begin.
2) Most have pages that can be opened by anyone…….make that anything you want.
3) Create a page that is NOT linked to from ANY page! This is the opening page for your diary. Take this example…. testestest this is a page that can only be accessed by this link or if you know the addy……..take away the link and you have a secret page or pages.
4)Make entries on a daily basis. I started mine on my own and SirStallion liked it so much it became a requirement of mine to do this.

Since the time of the writing above I have been released from my Master. I no longer write in my journal for Him. It was a wonderful tool for us and I encourage all to try one.

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