House of Corrections


House of Corrections

A house in Maryland that was turned into a dungeon

Let me emphasize this is NOT my house. There seems to be some confusion about it. This house belongs to a friend that lives a few hours from me. They have wonderful workshops there with play parties afterwards.

corrections1 View of the upstairs room. It has a massive frame that has little surprises everywhere.
corrections2 The wooden pony. This is a bad angle but there are other catches of it on other pictures. The pipe on the middle makes it more intense and is coated with rubber tape for cleanliness.
corrections3 The cage. The lower front panel opens. I heard you can get two subs in there, they just can’t move much..LOL. Also check the different angle of the wooden pony on the bottom right.
corrections4 This is another corener, a sitting up swing. Again notice the wooden pony on the bottom left of the picture.
corrections5 Always a set of restaints close by…LOL
corrections6 A close up of the upper frame. Notice all the bolts and the frame is made from 2 2/6’s Held together by all the eye bolts. The corner braces were purchased I believe from a marine store.
corrections7 This is in the hallway….something that can be put up in virtually any home with a plant hanging from it…and used for…uuuuuuum…other purposes when alone.
corrections8 Other upstairs room….a huge bed with tons of chains overhead along with a spreader bar. These are held up by eye bolts screwed into the beams.
corrections9 Another view.
corrections10 Even home exercise equipment can serve a dual purpose, eh?
corrections11 Now to the basement. This is the waxing area. There is a daybed behind me which I didn’t take a picture of…great of extended spanking scenes.
corrections12 Another room in the basement….think there’s enough tie points? The frame is set back some from the wall to all all those boards to be used.
corrections13 A view of the same frame but showing how it is bolted to the beams
corrections14 A really bad picture of the frame on the main floor. I forgot about the window which faked out my camera.


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