Getting Ready


This story is dedicated to MasterSeeder, who likes stories of slaves preparing themselves for their Master. I hope You like it Sir. And maybe one day I will even add more to it for You…LMAO!

The New Outfit

She walked into the lingerie store with the new skirt tucked under her arm. The skirt was one of those short full types that skaters wore, flowing and silky. She was looking for a top to match it, preferably with a lot of lace and low cut. If it didn’t quite reach the skirt in length, all the better. She finally found the top she was looking for- scalloped, lowcut neckline, short full sleeves,and not quite reaching her bellybutton. The delicate floral pattern matched the royal blue skirt to perfection. She smiled in anticipation as she paid for her top and left the store.

Traffic was light as she made her way home. Only five hours to make everything ready for Master John’s return home from the long business trip. She had missed Him terribly and wanted to please Him when He got home. In her mind she listed everything she needed to get done , categorizing and prioritizing them over and over again. Her excitement was building in anticipation of His arrival. She parked the car in the driveway and hustled inside, her treasured outfit snug in her arms. The bounce in her step apparent to anyone that saw her.

Relieved that she had spent the morning cleaning the house she went to the kitchen to grab a bite to eat. Finding the outfit had taken much longer than she had expected, but it was time well spent trying to please her Master. Nibbling on a sandwich she pulled the clothes out of the bag. They whispered through the air as they floated down to the table, shimmering in the light their silky softness. Her body flushed as thoughts of her Master flashed through her mind. But first things first, she had to prepare herself and the house.

She washed the dishes quickly,checked to make sure there was plenty of fresh iced tea for Master John, and made her way to the “play room”. The room was at the back of the house which was underground due to the slope of the land. Dirt made an excellent sound barrier. The reinforced beams overhead had hooks placed at regular intervals. A sturdy bed was in one corner with rings and hooks concealed underneath for easy access. An armed chair was nearby with wrist and ankle straps permanently attached. The entertainment center on the opposite wall had a TV, VCR, and camcorder already set up in case MasterJohn wished to view or make a video. The small chest of drawers next to it contained all His toys and supplies. Lining the walls were other pieces of toys and apparatus that they had accumulated over the years. Each had fond memories for them both.

As she neared the room her heart beat faster and a source of heat started low in her belly. It was always like this when she went to this room. Past memories flooded through her with love and devotion the common thread. She closed her eyes as she crossed the threshold and inhaled deeply. She felt His presence strongest in this room whether He was there or not.She sighed and straightened her shoulders, no time for day dreaming when there was so much to get done.

With efficient movements she smoothed the bed sheets and placed the pillows in line. Taking the paste wax and cloth she started to wax the bed frame, checking the rings and hooks for any loose screws or nuts. Master John preferred the paste wax to regular spray polish. It was more work for her but it also allowed her to think and concentrate more when she waxed. Today it only needed a shine applied to the wood and wouldn’t take too much time. She then waxed the chest of drawers, the chair, and the other various wooden pieces in the room. Although it was only a shine she was aiming for, it took almost 2 hours of steady elbow grease to make the room glow in welcome for Him.

Standing in the middle of the room she looked around and nodded in satisfaction to the shine. Pulling open the drawers of the chest she double checked to make sure all MasterJohn’s toys were lined up as He liked them and in order ( ropes, floggers, gag, blindfold, restraints, etc). Her thoughts strayed and she again felt herself heating up in anticipation of His return. With a sigh she closed the drawers. After lighting an incense to burn she left the room and reverently closed the door softly.

Looking at her watch she panicked seeing the time slip by so fast , yet the time dragged while He was gone. She ran down the hall to the bathroom to prepare herself for Him. She jumped into the shower quickly. Picking up the razor with a fresh blade she shaved herself taking extra care to shave her pussy very close. She was sure MasterJohn would inspect her before the night was over and she didn’t want to come up short in the appraisal. She toweled dry, the rough cloth making her flesh tingle. Seeing one of His after shave bottles by the sink she lifted the bottle and opened it. Inhaling His scent, she closed her eyes picturing His face. Automatically she started to become wet and excited. She shook her head to clear her thoughts and resumed getting ready. She used no perfume, MasterJohn preferred the only scent she wore to be the one He put on her, His ownership.She placed her slave collar around her neck and the wrist and ankle cuffs on also. Running her fingers along the collar, the leather felt warm and supple, the rings cold yet comforting.Her heart swelled in remembrance of the first time He had placed the collar around her neck. Blushing, she once again returned to the present and to getting ready. Wrapping a towel around her, she walked to the kitchen to put on her new outfit , combing her hair as she went.

She slid into the garments and smoothed them down,she chuckled softly thinking of the money she saved from not wearing panties or bras. The new clothes felt as good as she thought they would against her skin. Walking into the hall she looked in the mirror and turned around straining her neck to keep her eyes on her reflection. She spun around in delight, watching the skirt rise to her waist. Master John would definitely like this outfit.

She returned to the play room and this time went to a vacant corner. Taped to the wall at waist height was a piece of paper with her rules. She knelt in front of them, her knees spread, back arched, and open palms on her thighs. She read the rules one by one, reflecting on what they meant to her and how she would try to achieve them. Master John had her repeat this at least three times a week and she had come to look forward to this exercise as a period of meditation and purging of bad thoughts. She knew how fortunate she was to belong to Master John and how happy her life had become in the years they had been together.

Looking at her watch and seeing only a few minutes left before His return she raised to her feet and went to the chest again. The previous incense had long since burnt out leaving a sweet smell to the room. She lit another and walked out of the room once again gently closing the door.Stopping by the kitchen first she filled one of MasterJohn’s glasses with some tea and four cubes of ice. Taking the glass with her she walked down the hall to the front door and placed it on the hall table near the door. Removing her watch, she placed it on the table near the glass.. Time would not matter for her once He returned. Her heart was beating faster feeling His presence coming closer to her. She had long since stopped wondering about the link they shared, it had been like that from the moment they met years ago.

The sound of a car pulling into the driveway brought her out of her mental wanderings . Her heart beating so loudly she was sure He could hear it ; anticipation, excitement, longing, devotion,love all played across her face as she thought of Him moments from her.Once again resuming her slave position she mentally ran though what needed to be done and what was done. Everything was in order. She grinned and lowered her head as He opened the door.

“Welcome Home Master” she said. She felt His smile fall on her. The elation and pride of belonging to Him could never be expressed fully in her opinion. This would always be heaven on Earth for her.

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