First Meeting



First Meeting

I got up extra early in the morning, it was to be a special day for me. Starting the normal morning routine felt strange for once but the day had to start one way or another. I got the kids lunches packed, their clothes out, backpacks found, kids woken up, and the Little Master was running around playing and looking for His bottle. Miraculously I got everyone ready and to the bus five minutes early. Then down the road to the daycare for Little Master. Leaving as quickly as I could I returned home to prepare myself. Jumping into the shower I felt the water cascade over my body and imagined the things that may or may not happen today. Trembling in anticipation I got out and dried myself off. Next came the make-up and hair. Clothes…..clothes…what to wear??? Why didn’t I ask someone? Calming down I thought of my options and went with my everyday clothes-bluejeans, shirt , and sneakers. Mildly satisfied I hurriedly straightened the chaos I affectionately call my home into only minor disorder.

Now the waiting. I walked back and forth looking out the window many times. Finally I decided to check my e-mail and talk with my friends. I hadn’t been on long when I heard the roar of a motorcycle getting louder and louder. He was finally here ( I suppressed my mild shock at Him finding my house). He came down the drive on His gleaming Harley looking all like the Dom He is. I feel my heart flutter in excitement watching Him come to a stop and get off.. I realized I hadn’t moved and if He saw me standing there….well……I needed to make a fairly good first impression. I walked out watching Him remove His helmet. I hoped my knees would stop shaking soon and those infernal butterflies would go away.

“Welcome MasterDon” I said. Nervously I placed my hands behind my back and then not liking that I crossed them in front of me as I usually do. What does one say to a Dom when first meeting them in RL? There must have been some directions and etiquette that I missed reading. My excitement was hard to contain.

M.Don turned to me and smiled saying hello. He raised His eyebrow slightly and I followed His gaze to my arms. Quickly correcting my mistake I dropped my arms to my sides and smiled.”How was Your trip?”

We talked for a few minutes about really nothing and I invited Him into the house for a glass of iced tea. Leaving Him in the family room I went to the kitchen and poured us both a glass and returned to Him. We sat on the sofa talking for almost an hour acquanting ourselves with each other. Even after talking for months online, RL takes some getting used to ( no lag!). In the beginning I looked only at my hands or my glass. M.Don placed His hand on mine at one point almost sending me out of my skin. “Relax” He said. I tried but I had my doubts. Surprisingly I did calm down and even smiled at Him many times, laughing at some joke or story.He had nice warm hands I thought.

Sensing a change in the atmosphere I looked up at M.Don and saw in His eyes that my tests were to begin.”I think you need to change now. Do you have any skirts?” I nodded yes and showed Him my bedroom. Pulling out one skirt after another until M.Don found one He liked, a calf length bluejean, very full. I pulled out a shirt that looked nice with it, button down the front, and got an okay. Not sure how to proceed from here He took pity on me and left the room saying over His shoulder to remember no underwear. I blush and quickly changed.

Returning to the family room freshly changed M.Don stands expectantly. Knowing what He wants I cross the room to stand in front of Him, eyes lowered. Brushing my hair with His hand, He lifts my chin to look in my eyes, His fingers resting gently on my pulse. “Today You will always look at me, I need to see what you are feeling.” I shivered slightly and replied, “yes, M’Lord”. My heart was pounding so loudly I knew He could hear it.

“Good, now unbutton your shirt.”

My heart skiped a beat and I hesitently raised my hands to start unbuttoning the shirt. Trembling I started with the top button and worked down. Occasionally I was overcome with shyness and lowered my eyes. M.Don quickly corrected me each time til I nolonger resisted Him. After the last button I lowered my hands once more to my sides. M.Don lifted the shirt opening with His hands wider and wider until my breasts were fully exposed. He didn’t look at my chest, but at my eyes judging what I was feeling and how I was reacting. I hope He ccouldn’t see how nervous I was and unsure of myself. Without breaking eye contact He lifted each breast, feeling and massaging it. He pinched the nipples and pulled on them. With a final hard pinch He removed His hands. (yes, I flinched slightly but I didn’t move)

“You may button your shirt again.”

Now with more a trembling breath than hands I rebuttoned my shirt. We walked outside to the warm sunshine and I introduced Him to the various animals. He gave Royboy a sympathetic pat in comiseration for his gelding. I laughed at the both of them. M.Don smiled. Walking past His bike He grabed a knap sack saying “It’s time for a walk”. I glanced nervously at Him but pointed down the hill to the woods. It’s a nice area with a good path to follow. We walked for a while with M.Don asking me more questions which I tried to answer to His satisfaction. I felt myself getting used to His presence and relaxed more and more as the time passd. I think He realized it too by the number of times I looked up to Him and smiled.

We came to a small secluded clearing. M.Don looked around and appearwed satisfied with the area. For what I had no idea. But I was soon to find out.

“Come here and kneel.” He said.

I walked over to Him and hesitated. Risking a look up I saw the disapproval in His face and quickly knelt. “Better. You must learn to trust me and follow my directions without question. Now close your eyes.” I closed my eyes ,my head naturally lowered in submission. I could hear Him unzip the knapsack and withdraw one or two items, I ccouldn’t tell. I felt something being placed around my neck and automatically lifted my chin. “This is an ordinary dog collar. It will serve as your training collar until you have earned the right for a better one.” I felt the leather tighten on my neck and heard the snap of a leash being attached. My heart was beating fast and my nervousness was returning.I felt a blindfold being placed over my eyes. The blackness is very disturbing to me. “Stand and place your hands behind you.”He said. I stood awkwardly and did as I was told. Rope was wound around my wrists securing them tightly but gently. I was totally at His command and at His mercy, yet I felt no fear.

“Follow” He said simply. I felt a tug on the leash and I followed M.Don. The feeling was strange. I must now not only trust Him mentally but physically also. I could not help myself, I had to place everything in His hands with the knowledge He would take care of me. I followed confidently, without hesitation. “Stay” Again a simple command. I felt the leash being manipulated but I am unsure what He is doing. Footsteps going away from me were the first indication I was alone. I listened until I heard them no more. The first emotion I felt is abandonement, then out right fear. I took a deep breath and resisted the urge to rub the blindfold off and try to free myself. Trust….I stood still feeling my whole body relax from it’s rigid stance in acceptance of what was happening. Time has a way of playing tricks on you, I’m sure it was only 5-10 minutes I was there alone but it seemed hours. I heard His returning footsteps.

M.Don returned to my side carressing my check. He removed the blindfold and whispered in my ear, “well done Doll”. I smiled happily.The bonds were removed and the leash untied from the tree and removed from the collar. The collar stayed.He packed up everthing and we headed back to the house. I silently walked beside Him reflecting on what I had learned.The trust that was gained could not be expressed, maybe it was always there waiting for me to tap into it and discover for myself the depth of my submision to Him.

Returning to the house I got us some tea. With a glass in each hand I walked across the yard to see M.Don sitting on the mounting block waiting for me. I silently wonder if He was aware of the name of those steps but stifled a giggle as I neared Him. Handing over His glass to Him I noticed some papers in His hand. He took the glass and indicated I am to sit between His legs on the step below Him. He turned me as I sat so my back was to Him. I sipped my tea wondering where this would go. He brushed my hair with His hand and let me glimps the papers in His hand. A copy of my chart. I groaned and lowered my head to my lap covering my head with my arms. M.Don laughed and untangled me, wrapping His arms around me He telling me it’d be fine, just answer the questions. The fact I was facing away from Him helped, and He also kept a steady motion with His hands rubbing up and down my arms in a slightly hypnotic fashion. I started to answer the questions hesitating here and there. Every time I stopped or hesistated He applied pressure with His hands until I stopped balking and told Him what He desired to know. Once in a while He interupted my explaination to clarify something or to get an expanded answer. Finally it was over and I was beat red along with sore arms.

“Do you have the items I told you to collect?” HE asked. I nodded and went to the house to find the satchel. Once back outside I noticed M.Don was no longer at the mounting block but in the garage. Walking into the building I saw He had found the two large saw horses and was placing them in an open area. I asked if He would like some horse blankets over them and He nodded yes. I ran back to the house and got them before He can changed His mind. Placing them over the saw horses and looked at M.Don for more direction.

“Come over here Doll”. I walked over and stood looking up at Him noticing what nice eyes He had.”Unbutton your shirt again” I swiftly undid the shirt and lowered my arms. The urge to look down was great but I resisted somehow. He picked up my bag and removed some clothespins. One by one He places the pins on my breasts around the nipple. The pain is immense yet I endured it with only a few sharp gasps. Taking my arm He directs me over to the saw horses and pushes gently on my back. Hesitently I laid across one of the saw horses, resting my upper body on the other one. Too quickly in my point of view M.Don had my wrists and ankles bound to the saw horses. I felt spread eagle and I am sure my legs were stretched wide.

He walked behind me and I felt my skirt being raised onto my back, my butt exposed for His view.He ran His hand over my ass and down my crack. His other hand laid lightly on my back to steady me mentally. “I know I said this would not be a sexual encounter, but I never said I wouldn’t see what some of your limits and reactions are” One, then two fingers enter my pussy as I moan. He examines me in a detached way making me unsure.It was a purely clinical examination to familiarize Himself throughly with my body. Next He did the same with my ass. Not being used hardly at all in this way my body reacts by tensed up. He rubbed my back with His other hand commanded me to relax which I tried my best to do.My clit was roughly aroused by Him, the sensations taking my breath from me.

Removing His fingers from me He looked back in my satchel for other items. Out came the ping pong paddle. “Very good for warming a sub up with”He said as He attacked my butt with the paddle. The stinging was a shock and I gasped loudly then quieted. I know M.Don will not put up with any resistence so I tried to remain as still as I could. I felt His hand run over my red butt . “Very nice” He said. Next I heard Him rumaging once again in my bag. Hearing a triumphant shout He told me about the leather paddle He has found. ( like I wouldn’t know, I only made it) He slaped the paddle against His leg to get the feel of it and then applied it on my red butt. The pain was numbing and I struggled now to remain still and silent. He liberally used the paddle on my back, butt, and legs, each blow felt harder. By now my mind was numbing as the pain washed over me. M.Don checked every so often on me, asking me a question or two. He found and used the other toys in the bag. Next came the wooden paddle followed by the crop, the crop hitting my clit time and again.. Deciding my ass iwa well used He smoothed lotion over my burning flesh. I started to relax thinking it is over when I felt a cold object pressing on my pussy. I hear Him chuckle as He feels my reaction and pushes the vibrator deep into my cunt.

My breathing came in short pants and my heart was hammering. I would not disappoint M.Don so I remained stoic. He pumped the vibrator in and out of me, turning it this way and that looking for various pressure points. I react as He expected me to, unable to help myself. The vibrator is removed and next I feel His fingers start to dilate my ass, I groan and shake my head knowing what may follow.”Settle Doll” He said and I relax as best I could. The fingers are removed and the butt plug is worked clinically into my ass. The pain is worse than I could have imagined and I tried not to move. Finally the butt plug slides home and then pain is slightly diminished. I start in surprise as yet another cold object pushes this time against my pussy. I had forgotten the dildo. My movement caused my tits to sway slightly, the clothespins making their presence known again. I held my breath and stopped moving. M.Don slid the dildo into me and plunged it in and out rapidly. I felt my juices flowing and blush deep red knowing He knew also.Leaving the dildo deep in me M.Don picked up the crop again and gave me a few more strokes to redden the skin tone on my butt. The smacks sending a different sensation through me due to the buttplug and the dildo inside me. I groaned loudly unable to help myself. But I didn’t move.

M.Don walked around to my face and lifted my face , carressing my cheek.”You have done well Doll, you may cum when I tell you to” He walked back to my side and roughly grabs my clit and works it to another fevered pitch. “Now Doll, cum for me NOW” He commanded. I scream unable to stop myself and cascaded into oblivion with shear pleasure. I slowly returned to Earth and found M.Don removing the rope bindings and putting the toys away. He helped me to my feet and into the house. My glass of tea was next to me and I assume M.Don had brought it in for me. I smiled at His consideration and looked for Him. He entered the room and sat next to me, pulling me into His lap. I dared not ask how I did although I hope I did well.

“Yes, you did please me Doll. Stop worrying.” He said. I wondered again at the ability of M.Don to know me so well. “How are you doing?” I replied I was doing fine and getting better. He knew it was my first true BDSM session and continued to hold me tight in love and reassurence.

As with all things, our time came to an end and I helped Him get His things together and walked Him to His bike. He looked down at me and I brazenly reached on tip toe and kissed Him for the first time. “Come back soon love” I said. He grabbed me and delivered a not so chaste kiss that curled my toes, as I think it also did His. Releasing me He got on His bike and rode down the driveway. I waved and returned to the house to relive the day time and time again.

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