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Fire Play Supply Box

Fire play is edge play, plain and simple. It should not be taken lightly or ignorantly. It needs to be learned from a competent instructor; see it done, and then practice, practice, practice. Okay, I mean practice on something other than live flesh such as a kitchen counter. The first time you try fire play have someone with you that knows what they are doing. Believe me, this shouldn’t be too hard since They seem to love doing it so much.

I can not stress enough the fact fire play is dangerous. It can quickly get out of control and you can literally bring the house down around you. Always have a towel nearby to suffocate flames. It is also good to hydrate the skin before you start playing with water based lotion. Fire play dries the skin of both the people participating in the play.

I am not going to tell you how to do fire play. Again I stress finding someone to teach this hands on. There are plenty out there willing to help. If you aren’t willing to put the fire out with your body , don’t consider learning fire play. You have to be comfortable with fire to be able to control it and prevent injury.

Below is directions for making your own wand. I will also show a small fireplay supply box along with what is missing from it.



fire1 Supplies you will need:
Cheap chopsticks
Small piece of tin foil
cotton balls
hemp twine
razor blade
cotton gauze bandage
fire2 Cut nicks in the chop stick to catch and secure the cotton to
fire3 Wrap the tin foil around the chop stick beloew where the nicks are. This is to create a barrier between the fire and the chopstick.
fire4 Believe it or not, cotton balls are not balls, they are rolled. Carefully unroll at least 1 ball. It may take several balls to get it right, they’re cheap don’t worry. my finished wand here used 2 balls.
fire5 Cottonball after it is unwound.
fire6 Hold the cotton against the chop stick and turn the chop stick in the same direction you wound the tin foil. It will catch and start rolling, if you want two, dovetail the second onto the first before it ends.
fire7 When you finish wrapping the cottonball, layout one of the gauze bads and cover the ball.
fire8 Take the hemp twine and wrap it around the base of the ball about 3 times, tieing it with a square knot.
fire9 Trim off the twine and the excess gauze.
fire11 Some of the possible contents of the fireplay box. Make sure the box is big enough to hold things, especially the lighter since this one is too big. The alcohol can be placed in a smaller labeled bottle.


Some more ideas for the supply box:

Small conatiner for the alcohol to dip the wands into
Small spray bottle
Cream specifically for burns
Flash ( found online or in magic stores. Be sure to work with it and get out the lumps, they burn real hot!)

Other ideas are a small spray bottle to create a blowing flame, be real careful here. Using the flash to make neat designs on the body before lighting one end. The possibilities are endless if you open your mind to imagination.
Just remember that alcohol evaporates, an open container will have a different alcohol percentage after being left in the open than an unopened container. Always keep that in mind. Do fireplay in a darkened area so you can see what is on fire and what isn’t.Alcohol tends to burn very pale if not clear. So the only way to see it is from the light. It’ll also look more aesthetically appealing in the dark too! Always have a towel ( or two ) on hand, preferably damp and cold. The skin will heat up and needs to be cooled down from time to time for more play.

That is just about my limit for knowledge on fireplay. If you are still interested in learning how to do fire play I strongly suggest getting with your local group to either request a fireplay workshop or contact someone willing to teach one on one. If you want more information on fireplay I suggest the following links:

Albany Power Exchange





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