Ideas for the DOMopoly Game

For those that don’t want to see how the idea started, scroll to the bottom to see the finished board.

1) Board -standard Monopoly board with some changes.Property will be items found in a dungeon. Something like buying things to create a dungeon. Below are the different groups of property starting at the low and ending with the higher cost.

GROUP 1: Spreader Bar, Restraints

GROUP 2: Candles, Blindfold, Paddles

GROUP 3: Plug, Vibrator,Nipple Clamps

GROUP 4: Flogger, Canes, Miles of Rope

GROUP 5: Whips, Fire Play, Sharp Stuff ( knives, needles , and more….OH MY!)

GROUP 6: Frame, Spanking Bench, Bondage Table

GROUP 7: Wooden Pony, GYN Table, St Andrew’s Cross

GROUP 8: Suspension Table, Rack

2) Ideas for general squares:

a)Railroads – Change to events in the area, Camp Crucible, BR Annual Event, Leather Retreat, Dark Odyssey

b)Jail is a cage sub will have to remain in until they gets out of jail

c)Waterworks will be ice…the obvious task would be too messy, okay?

d)Electric Comapny is a tens unit

e)Luxury tax – $50/slave owned on all owned property

f)Free Parking- Dom’s sub is given card to allow them not to have to do something

3) Community Chest :

Slave goes to Jail, no playing

Massage by any slave until next turn or until slave is required elsewhere, whichever is first

Tickle for 30 seconds

Right de Noir

Nipple clamps until next turn or slave required elsewhere, whichever is first

Use toy of choice on any slave until next turn of slave required elsewhere, whichever is first

Spank any slave for 60 seconds

4)Chance cards:

Breast Augemntation $1000

Resupply Dungeon $200

Go to an event $600

Present at an event – earn $400

Get slave pierced $100

Lend out slave , paid $200 by thankful Dom

Broke Favorite toy, replacement cost $150

Car broke down due to weight of all your toys- $500 for a better suspension (of the car at least)

Collar another slave, $700 for room addition

Slave learns to belly dance- $100 for classes

Sell some toys gatehring dust, make $300

5)Box will contain some items.

Tens Unit


play pieces

30 second hour glass timer


6) Rules will be set prior to the start of the game on the degree of play.
Each player will get two cards to place in front of them regarding their slave.
One will be if others can use cards with slave’s other than their own. If they decide their slave is not avaialable to others, the Dom is also restricted to just playing with their own slave and no others.



The second card will be about degree


-No Restrictions

Depending on the card in front of the Dom will determine who can play with their slave and how far they can go. ie: one card says Available, other says Nonsexual. Their slave can be used by any one but no penetration. (I am not going to try to explain what sex is or is not)

Here’s an sample of the cards, the first card in fact.


This is as far as I have gotten:

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It took me countless hours and time to get this done. But it’s DONE! I am very proud of the finished project. Was it worth it? Hell yes! Would I make another? HELL NO! The wooden box was tough just in itself. I just hope people find some enjoyment in playing. Sorta wishing for rain this weekend!

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