Dependence vs. Independence

A sub’s main goal in life is to serve her Master. To that end she must take instructions on how He wishes His life to be ordered and lived, His rules. she must learn to obey these orders and make them a priority in her life. To that end she also needs to be independent of her Master, to remember what He desires and when. she needs to be able to work alone without supervision and still complete her work to His satisfaction. He should never have to remind her of any incomplete work nor should He have to ask if the work was done at all. His sub/slave should always have His wants and needs foremost in her thoughts. If He has to constantly monitor her work and progress, take time from work He should be doing or wants to do, then she has failed in her quest to be of service to her Master. she has in effect become a problem, a negative, worthless.

At first glance dependence and independence seem to be opposites. But they are both traits a sub/slave should aspire to. First she is dependent on her Master for many things: guidence, nourishment, love, boundries,praise, meaning to her life, ect… He is the center of her life. she is dependent on Him, He is the center of all her activity and thoughts. A sub/slave can exsist without a Master but she still works to improve herself with a future Master in mind to benefit eventually even though she has no idea Who that lucky fellow will be. That is how she is dependent on her Master.

A sub/slave is also independent of her Master in many ways. By listening and observing she knows how He wishes His life structured, what He desires and when it is to be done. she listens to His orders and commands, she watches how He moves and works, she takes it all in faithfully. she then plans her life to accommodate these requirements, these needs. she works without prompting from her Master to make His life easier and more pleasureable. If He has to remind her of a task that was incomplete or not done, then it is worse than if she never did it at all….. she has dishonored her Master by her lax behavior, she has inconvenienced Him with unnecessary attention, and she has angered Him by her lack of commitment. she has shown herself unworthy of Him and that is worse than death.

So in essence a sub/slave learns to work independently of her Master toward Him, toward pleasing Him, toward bettering His life. she is dependent on Him to make her life complete and to give her purpose but she must learn to work independently to achieve these goals for herself and her Master.

Now on the other side of the coin the Master depends on the sub/slave to act in His best interests and to accomplish the tasks assigned to her faithfully and completely. He expects her to work efficiently and independently of Him, never needing Him to oversee her progress. He trains her to complement Him, to work together as if they were one. As they work together , learning, their souls grow together until they are more like two seperate individuals that live and move as if they were one…..they become soul mates not because they were destined to be such but because the Master trains and teaches His sub/slave, she acts and reacts to Him…they grow together to such a point they become one. This bond is eternal and will always remain a part of them no matter what.

In summation….the Master/slave relationship is one of dependence and independence on both the Master’s and the sub/slave’s side. Through training and observation their souls grow together to become one. The Master depending on the sub/slave to perform her tasks unsupervised, the sub/slave working independently of her Master to please Him yet depending on Him to take care of her. They work together yet apart, one’s actions affecting the other in a complicated ballet of life.

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