What the collar symbolizes

by ally sin
Some personal notes now. It irks me that collars are given, taken, and tossed away almost on a daily basis. A collar is synonymous with a wedding ring and should not be entered into lightly. I see time and again of collaring lasting only days or weeks. If, as a sub, you are offered a collar, take time to think and ask yourself some questions. Do you get along? Are you willing to make a long term commitment? Do you know what you are getting into? Only the Dom may break a collaring except in cases of abuse to the sub/slave. A mutual understanding of what is required of both the Dom and the sub should be agreed upon first. Also a safe word should be established in the beginning, gradually it will not be needed. Being honest with each other is mandatory for how can your Master guide and correct you if He doesn’t know the truth. Remember, your Master is there to help you. You have given Him a VERY precious offering which they truly cherish. Being less than honest tarnishes this intent.

It is nice if you are not able to be with your Master in RL to wear something that symbolizes your servitude and devotion. I had an anklet that I never take off . But what you wear could also be a ring, a necklace, a belt, or earrings. It also serves to remind you on a constant basis that you are a collared slave and you do have a Master. It took many days before I got used to my anklet, it still makes it’s presence know constantly. At first it irritated me….but my Dom laughed at me and said I’d get used to it. Once again He was right. It also took a long time to get used to not wearing it.


A Mental State

Being a sub/slave, a collared slave, takes a different thought process. Another way of looking at things. I didn’t appreciate the difference until my second lesson I think. It was in NC, public, and very tiring for me. Anyways, the Stallion has this box with a crank on it…..three wires also coming from it…you get the picture. I was hooked up to the wires and the Stallion was sending electricity through it to different parts of me. It had been going on for a while…..I finally asked how I could stop it. His reply was “I want it on high”… reply was “well I don’t!” Of course that was the wrong answer! Round two was the same discussion. Finally it dawned on me, that my desires are to be what my Master desires. When He has me put my hands behind my neck…….I don’t say MY arms are tired…but HIS arms are getting tired. Because I belong to him, my body is HIS! But back to the story…I realized the lesson soon and asked for the Stallion to put the charge on high. It was hard for me to do since that’s the LAST thing I really wanted. But I learned and the lesson was over ( thank god!)

So in a nut shell….you are not you any more but you are owned by another. This is the mentality it takes to be a slave. Your feelings come second if at all. You are to please your Master. Now for those that know me..STOP LAUGHING! I’m new, and I will learn, and I will always be a masterbrat and in trouble. I hope you can serve your Master better.

So take a few days to consider being collared, what you are getting into, and if you can live with a long term relationship with this Master.


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