Believe it or not, a slave still has a choice in regard to her Master. she chooses how she will react to what He says or does to her. I’m not saying her choice will be good, but it is there for her to make. There are two stimuli she can react to, action and speech. her choices can be to ignore the stimuli, react negatively to it, or accept it. Sounds simple enough, but the results are vastly different.

A slave can choose to ignore the stimuli. If it something being done to her (punishment for example) this may be hard to accomplish. This option is mainly for the spoken word. I don’t recommend a slave ignoring her Master, but I do see it as an option when listening to another Worthy not her Master. (and I use the term “Worthy” loosely here. Not all that call themselves such really are.) This option must be used with care and discretion.

Another choice is to react negatively to a stimuli. Either physical or verbal can create this reaction equally. Controlling your mind and your feelings helps greatly to reduce the occurrence of this reaction. For the most part I can’t see getting mad at your Master for what He does to you or what He says to you as particularly intelligent. He is there to help and guide you, you accepted this, now you’re mad because He did? Doesn’t make sense to me. But i have heard of many slaves that got mad when they were reprimanded or punished. Unless the action or words were unjustified or cruel a slave has the responsibility to learn from her Master. It comes with the territory so to speak.

The last choice ( and by far the best )is acceptance. A slave can accept her physical (ie. punishment but not limited to that) or verbal (ie. correction, opinion but not limited to that either ) stimuli and act upon it accordingly. By accepting the stimuli, a slave is now open to learning, discovering more about herself and her life, and growing as a slave. As you can see, in the majority of cases, this is by far the best choice.

In summery, a slave can react to physical or verbal stimuli. she has the option of ignoring , reacting negatively, or accepting the stimuli. By ignoring the stimuli she runs the risk of greatly irritating her Master if it is He sending her the stimuli. I use this option when dealing with verbal stimuli from so called “Worthies” not my own. she can react negatively and get mad. This goes against all she should be as a slave and should be used with caution. (Control of oneself must be learned and implemented.) The last, and by far best, choice is to accept the stimuli. By accepting it a slave can then learn and grow. her Master has her best interests foremost in His thoughts ;for her to react any other way than acceptance is pure folly in my opinion.

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