I got the idea for this page from a book I am currently reading, “The Ethical Slut”. ( a must read for anyone into an alternate lifestyle!) I have expanded it and given it a BDSM twist. This is also slanted toward the D being male and the s being female. I suggest filling it out and talking about the different aspects of the activities, likes and dislikes. Don’t just merely check off a box, feel free to add notes and variations to the activities that interest you. Don’t feel that these feelings you exhibit now will be lasting. An activity that you wouldn’t consider today may just be your hotspot of the future. You never know!

Also, at the bottom are two sections I added. They are your limitations. (Different than the sex table.) One is physical limitations, ie- bad knee, easily dislocated shoulder, recent surgery. This is necessary for the Dom to know and to allow Him to keep the activity safe for you. The second is mental limitations,ie- spanking on the butt due to childhood experience,mock rape scene. Remember, a Dom can no more read your mind then you can read His.( but I’m still working on that later part! LOL)

Try and have some fun !

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