made by ally sin

i started this cat as a favor to One i know. He desired a cat and i started to learn how to make it. The strands weren’t so hard except it was intricat work but with a lot of patience and redoing of the strands i discovered how to braid them. The handle i redid numerous times until i got the hang of it and found a look i liked. It is short handled but that was what the Owner requested. Normally cats have long handles about 2 feet in length. Of course any of my toys can be made to the specifications of the One i am making it for. Hopefully i will add more pictures of it in greater detail. enjoy!

Here is the mini-cat i made with what remained of the strands from the above cat. i am thrifty as well as crafty. i have learned a few more braids and techniques since making the full cat. This one also has a short handle mainly for the visual balance of the piece. It can be made any way i wish.

mini1 Here’s a picture of the minicat. The tails are a 4 braid strand but the loop is a 6 strand braid. i tried to get a good picture of that….maybe next time. All the leather is cow.
mini2 Closeup of the strands.
mini3 Here is a closeup of the handle…you may be able to see a bit better the 6 strand loop.


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