Canes and other crafty stuff



Canes and Other Crafty subbie (Or Dom!! ) Stuff


i started with an idea, to make unusual craft items to have fun with. For some perverse reason i started to experiment on canes and the handles. First i bought the solid rattan cane from a basketry store. (if they only knew… MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA) Then after getting home i cut them in the lengths i thought would be nice, about 28 inches long. Next i soaked them in water and had the devil’s own time of keeping the little shits straight. But with help from Others, i finally got to the point i bundled them and placed them between mattresses of the bed so they would dry sorta straight. (no, i didn’t tell the kids what they were sleeping on….didn’t expect for me to make my bed lumpy did you?) Next came the handles…here is what i have come up with so far and i have only begun to get perverted…hehhehehehehehehe.


cane1 handle was made using white plastic lacing
caneh2 On this one i first wrapped the handle with vet wrap and then dipped it in plastic tool dip ( they only had the red color so don’t blame me!)
caneh3 On this one i just wrapped 1/2 inch white rope…turned out nice i think
caneh4 Here i wrapped the handle like above except using twine and then dipped it in plastic tool dip
caneh5 On this smaller cane all i did was dip the handle…grins
caneh6 This time i took two colors of the plastic lacing and wrapped it. The variations in color are endless!
caneh7 Here i messed up. ( thought i was only going to show the good ones, eh?) It didn’t work whatever i was trying to do so instead i just twisted the plastic lacing around the cane. It came out unusual and interesting so i kept it.
caneh8 This is obviously leather. More precisely it’s just a leather replacement shoe string…wrapped and glued down. Nice feel though

i have more ideas on handles and i know more will come when i visit Home Depot or the craft store…hehhehehehehehehe….let you imagination loose and see what you can come up with.

Another cane to make is extremely simple!!! Go to the lumber store and find the oak dowels. Now, i don’t mean the pine dowels, these have to say OAK dowels. Get as many as you want in whatever diameter. With fine sand paper sand the dowels as smooth as you can. Now round the ends. You can stain the wood or leave it natural, but be sure to polyurethane it well.

Here’s a picture of the rope flogger i made. It was real easy to make. i’ll work on instructions and pictures to follow in the near future….grins….


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