Cane holder


How to Make a Cane Holder

i took upon myself to create this cane holder for a request on an email list i am on. The requirements were the canes had to be able to hang and it had to hold alot. Sure….no problem!! Well…i got the basic idea quickly but the details took a few days to figure out. Below are the pictures of how to construct your own. The height can be made longer or shorter, the strap and handle can be any material you choose. Let your imagination flow…the worst that could happen is it doesn’t work and you will have to do it again.

pvc1 Materials needed:
4″ PVC pipe
2 4″ end caps
4 metal screw loops
2 D-rings
3 eye bolts with nuts
PVC primer and cement
pvc2 Drill hole in center of one end cap for large eye bolt. Just big enough to thread the eye bolt through it.
pvc3 Here are the 3 holes drilled in one end cap. One for to hold the canes on the inside and 2 for the handle.
pvc4 Bolt the large eye bolt in place with the eye inside. Bolt the smaller eyebolts with the eyes on the outside.
pvc5 Here’s how the underside will look. I didn’t show it but for ease of hanging canes i added a carabiner to the eye hook…to get the canes off easily.
pvc6 Attach the bottom undrilled cap to one end of the PVC pipe. I used a primer first and then applied the glue to hold it in place.
pvc7 Next unsrew the metal loops place around the tube and through the D-ring. The ring is to secure the shoulder strap.
pvc8 Secure a strap to the top cap. Here i used rope and whiped the ends secure.
pvc9 Next make a shoulder strap. Again I made mine out of rope. This is a 4 strand braid. Make sure you cut the rope long enough to give plenty of ease securing it to the bottom D-ring.
pvc10 Here is the cane holder complete and shouldered.

Hope everyone likes this project and makes their own!

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